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The methods I have used to establish that inequalities exist between different wards in Northampton are: Primary:Affluence Surveys

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A comparative study of four wards within Northampton Borough –






  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results and Analysis

                ▪Quality of Life Questionnaire

                ▪Environmental Quality Survey

                ▪Affluence Surveys

                ▪Cars in the wards

                ▪Cars per household

                ▪Tenure of household

                ▪Unemployment in Northampton – Choropleth map

                ▪Multiple Deprivation Maps


                ▪House prices

  • Conclusion
  • Evaluation
  • Bibliography
  • Maps of Northampton Borough


Northampton is a town located in central England with a population of 198000.

Northampton grew rapidly in size in the 19th century due to the shoe trade.  This was the dominant industry in the 19th and early 20th century although started to decline in the 1920s and 30s.  Today the main industries in Northampton are financial services, soft drinks, cosmetics and brewing.

There are many different wards within Northampton and I believe there are differences between them all. I hope to find out whether there are inequalities between these wards.

The wards I will be focussing on are Abington, Eastfield, Headlands and Weston. I will need Primary and Secondary data on people’s attitudes in the wards, population, wealth and appearance. I will collect this data by taking photos around the wards, filling in affluence surveys, environmental quality surveys and asking people living in the wards to fill in questionnaires about the area in general.


The methods I have used to establish that inequalities exist between different wards in Northampton are:


  • Affluence Surveys
  • Environmental Quality Surveys
  • Quality Of Life Questionnaires
  • Photographs


  • Newspaper cuttings detailing house prices
  • 2001 census data
  • Ward maps and Northampton Borough maps
  • Data from the internet

Primary Data is data I have collected myself that didn’t exist before.

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Levels of crime / vandalism





Personal safety / security





Reputation of the area





Friendliness of the area










How would you rate your feelings for this area?

Three years ago










In three years time










Analysis of Quality of Life Questionnaires.

The quality of life questionnaires were filled out by 10 people living in each of the wards.  The ages varied from 0-10 to 60 + year olds, both male and female.  

They had to rate different aspects of the wards from 0 to 4.  0 being very happy to 4 being very unhappy.  I took an average of the ten from each ward, for each answer they gave and put it into a table.  I also totalled the same average answers and put it into a simple bar graph to compare the four wards.  The lower answer meaning quality of life is better in the ward.  

The highest answer from the total of the averages was Headlands with 31, next highest was Eastfield with 30, then Abington with 28 and lastly Weston with and average of 27.  This suggests the quality of life is best in Weston and worst in Headlands and that there are inequalities between the wards.  

The results may not be very reliable though as there were only 10 questionnaires filled in for each ward and for better results there should be more filled in to get a fairer average.  Also many of the questionnaires were filled in by whole families of 4

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I think my investigation went well.  Although there were some areas that I could have improved to get more accurate results, the quality of life questionnaires were carried out by ten people from each ward, with different age ranges and sexes.  If I were to do that again I would use a larger number of people from each ward and also try to target people living in different parts of the ward not just located in one particular area which I found happened when whole families filled out the questionnaire.

Also, I would ask people living in a ward to comment on the reputation of other wards to get a wider view because people tend to be biased to the own area.

The affluence survey which noted 25 car registration plates, I feel was not necessary and if I were to do it again, I would not use this as it showed no pattern between the wards.

I went on the Northants Police website to find crime statistics, but was unable to retrieve any information comparing the wards.  I followed this up by emailing CBO (Community Beat Officers) for each of the wards but have received no reply to date.

I think I have proved there are various inequalities between the four wards of Abington, Eastfield, Headlands and Weston, but also inequalities within the wards themselves.


2001 Census:


Northampton Herald & Post Property Newspaper

Index of Multiple Deprivation Maps:


Residents of the wards.

William Brown                Weston Favell School

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Statistics section.

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