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Visual Basic

Extracts from this document...


Visual Basic Research Report

Visual Basic Research Report

Student Information System (SIS)


Table of Contents


History        3

2.Introduction        3

3.What is Visual Basic?        4

4.Why use Visual Basic?        4

5.Importance of Visual Basic        4

6.Components of Visual Basic        4

7.Features of Visual Basic        5

8.Visual Basic and 3-Tier Architecture for SIS        6

9.Features of SIS        7

10.Using VBScript for SIS……………………………………………………………………………………...8

11.Pros of Visual Basic………………………………………………………………………………………….8

12.Cons of Visual Basic…………………………………………………………………………………………9

13.Conclusion        10

14.Recommendations        11~12

16.Glossary        13

17.Appendix        14~17

18.References        18~19

1. History

VB 1.0 was introduced in 1991. The drag and drop design for creating the user interface is derived from a prototype form generator developed by Alan Cooper and his company called Tripod. Microsoft contracted with Cooper and his associates to develop Tripod into a programmable form system for Windows 3.0, under the code name Ruby (no relation to the Ruby programming language). Tripod did not include a programming language at all. Microsoft decided to combine Ruby with the Basic language to create Visual Basic.

The Ruby interface generator provided the "visual" part of Visual Basic and this was combined with the "EB" Embedded BASIC engine designed for Microsoft's abandoned "Omega" database system. Ruby also provided the ability to load dynamic link libraries containing additional controls, which later became the VBX interface

2. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to identify how Visual Basic might play a part as a component of a new information system to be used in A for recording and maintaining student profiles.

Visual Basic (VB) is the event-driven third-generation programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model.

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(1999-2010.Visual Basic 6 Application Development. Developerfusion).




In student information system 3-tier architecture will be used with VB as a backend technology. This 3-tier architecture will comprise of the three layers on which different tasks will be accomplished as given below:

8.1. Presentation Layer

This tier presents the user interface (UI) for the application, displays data and collects user input. This tier also sends requests for data to the next tier. This tier is often known as the presentation layer.

8.2. Business Logic Layer

This tier incorporates the business rules for the application. This middle tier receives requests for data from the user tier, evaluates them against the business rules and passes them on to the data tier. It then receives data from the data tier and passes this back to the user tier. This tier is also known as the business logic layer.

8.3. Data Layer

This tier communicates directly with the data store (SQL Server database, other type of database such as Oracle, Exchange data store, Excel workbook, etc.) and passes data between the data store and the business tier. This tier is also known as the data layer.


Software Architecture of Visual Basic

9.  Features of Student Information System (SIS) for UCL basis.

Following features of SIS will be handled in VB with correspondence to 3-tier architecture:

  • Handling academic & financial inquiries from prospective UCL students
  • Handling the admissions process (such as UCAS)
  • Enrolling new UCL students and storing teaching option choices
  • Automatically creating class & teacher schedules
  • Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks and grades and academic progression
  • Maintaining records of absences and attendance
  • Maintaining discipline records
  • Providing statistical reports
  • Maintenance boarding house details
  • Accounting and budgeting services
  • Student health records
  • Student emergency details
  • Student courses details
  • Student profiles management
  • Students administrative records management

10. Using Visual Basic Script for SIS

In order to make a webpage to make possible for students to access to the source their status, it is necessary to use Visual Basic Script (VBS). VBS is the part of VB family, which includes the Microsoft VB (Visual Basic) Development System and VB for Applications. Mostly VBS is a division of the VB for applications programming language.  Developers of Microsoft developed this programming language in order for VB developers to influence their awareness of VB and VBA in Internet scripting. It is a technique that applies in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). VBS uses relatively easy syntax thus it is very easy to learn for those who have some basic knowledge about VB, even for the people who don’t know anything about programming languages. Therefore it allows people for easier approaches to programming analysis and making it than general programming languages (Java, C language). In addition, it is also easy to change existing programs so it embraces the security problems. Consequently, if College uses this programming language to run academic and administrative records, it has a possibility to get attacked by hackers. In results, there might be a serious exposure of personal information as well as administrative documents.

(2003, VBScript in a Nutshell second edition,O’reilly)

11. Pros of Visual Basic

For the enormous success of VB (Visual Basic) there are quite several reasons as given below:

  • Easily integrated with large Oracle databases
  • Easy to use almost in all aspects as compared to other programming languages (easy programming language particularly as to the executable code, the structure of the Basic programming language is very easy)
  • Less programming is required as compared to other technologies
  • VB requires less CPU processing
  • Provide attractive views
  • Support RAD applications
  • Simple and easy to use by the university staff
  • Powerful front-end tool
  • Multiple vendor support
  • VB is not only a language but primarily an integrated, interactive development environment ("IDE").
  • To support rapid application development ("RAD"), the VB-IDE has been highly optimized.
  • VB-IDE’s graphical user interface provides instinctively attractive views for the management of the program structure.
  • VB provides a context-sensitive and comprehensive interactive online help system.
  • VB is a component integration language which is attuned to Microsoft's Component Object Model ("COM").
  • COM components can be integrated using VB.
  • Via Distributed COM ("DCOM") Interfaces of COM components can be simply called remotely, which makes it simple to create distributed applications.
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RAD:Rapid application development

SIS:Student Information System


Microsoft Visual Basic


Visual Basic Architecture


Event Driven Approach


Visual Basic is event-driven, meaning code remains idle until called upon to respond to some event (button pressing, menu selection). Visual Basic is governed by an event processor. Nothing happens until an event is detected. Once an event is detected, the code corresponding to that event (event procedure) is executed. Program control is then returned to the event processor.

Structure of a Visual Basic Application


Reference List

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2003. VBScript in a Nutshell, Second edition, O’Reilly, Paul Lomax & Matt Childs & Ron Petrusha

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Information Systems section.

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