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We are required to develop a new version of a widely used word-processing software for an international organization.

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Software Engineering 1

Assignment # 1

Submitted By:      Hina Khan

     Roll #:                  BCSS03A027

Section:                Afternoon ‘A’

Problem  # 1

We are required to develop a new version of a widely used word-processing software for an international organization. Tight deadlines are drawn. This software can be divided into components as well as incremented. Risks are being handled implicitly.

Process Model:

      I would go for the Rapid Application Model (RAD) model for the given situation.


  1. Time factor is a problem. Because of the competition, deadlines are quite tight.
  2. There are not any risk factors involved.
  3. Customer requirements are well understood
  4. All the necessary information is provided by the customer.
  5. There are no problems, concerning proper RAD teams.


I would like to go for RAD model for the software development because of the    following reasons:

  1. RAD model emphasizes extremely short development cycle.
  2. The project is not that large and complex.
  3. Software can be properly modularized- And RAD is a component based software model.
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Fewer people are required to complete the project.


In this particular situation I would like to go for the Incremental Process Model because of the following reasons:

  1. Project is large and complex therefore, no chances can be taken. For this reason      customer’s opinion is essential with each increment.
  2. This process model is iterative in nature, so there is always room for improvement till the customer is fully satisfied.
  3.  Less staff is required, it will make easy for us to develop a high quality software even with less staffing.
  4. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at the completion of project.

Problem # 3

Answer the following question:

  1. State the purpose of “The Capability Maturity Model”

The CMM describes the principles and practices underlying software process maturity. It is intended to help software organizations improve the maturity of their software processes in terms of an evolutionary path from ad hoc, chaotic processes to mature, disciplined software processes.

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Software Process Maturity:        

                                            Software process maturity is basically, a measure of the  effectiveness of a company’s software engineering practices.

                                 It defines effectiveness of the processes of any organization for developing a software. It includes all the measurements, rules and checks that an organization apply on the process of software development. Software process maturity of any organization identifies the effectiveness and completeness of any software developed by that organization.  

Difference between Mature and Immature Software Organizations:

                                We can classify the two as level 1 organizations and the level 5 organizations i.e. immature and mature organizations.                                Immature organizations use unpredictable processes. Management of immature organization is usually not planned. Their work is mostly base on individual efforts and if that individual is not available, it may cause trouble. Almost every newly established organization is immature.

        Mature organizations move towards their project completion in an order or organized way, using proper teams and processes. Their software processes are well documented. They have set their quality and productivity goals for each project and they continually monitor their quality and productivity. Statistical quality controls are also monitored.

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