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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    3 star(s)

    Another similarity was that both Clarke and Kubrick implied that man were merely infants. The narrator in "The Sentinel" referred to the earth as "our cradle," (241) while in 2001, the main character eats his food through a straw much like an infant does baby food. In outer space, man has left his crib and now, because of gravity, has to re-learn how to walk. This is similar to when a toddler took its first steps. I believe that both Kubrick and Clarke wanted to state that humans were new to space and have much to learn.

    • Word count: 999
  2. Video game violence. Violent video games seem to become the target of the blame game, from school shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech), to an increase in bullying and violence towards women. Researchers argue that violent games would reduce players to

    In other words, interaction with others enables children to constantly redefine roles and expectations. Thus, their concept of self is based in large measure on their interpretations of the interactions they have with others. The self that is developed through the on-going interactions is not unique to a given situation, but, instead affects the outcomes of subsequent situations. Thus, the gender identity that is established by the child has consequences for the rest of the statuses and identities of that individual.

    • Word count: 1546
  3. Nations today, most commonly such as China, Iran, and Burma has become infamous for their wide use of internet censorship and filtering within borders. This paper intends to focus on an open source program deemed the most sophisticated anticensorship prog

    The paper will first explore the definition of censorship, including basic censorships, where it takes place, and what content is restricted in censored countries. It will then explore the problems associated with internet censorship. The paper will then examine the mechanics of Psiphon and compare its features to that of other open source programs to evaluate its sophistication. Following the examination, it will explore the social and economic restrictions associated with internet censorship, and how circumvention provides benefits to both social and economic factors.

    • Word count: 3614
  4. Free essay

    Chien luoc TCL

    Chi�n luoc cai t� hay t�i c�u tr�c : 43 V.4. Chi�n luoc li�n minh 45 VI. CHI�N LUOC TRONG M�I TRUONG TO�N C�U: 46 VI.1. SUC �P GIAM CHI PH� V� SUC �P TU �IA PHUONG: 46 VI.1.1. Suc �p giam chi ph�: 46 VI.1.2. Suc �p tu dia phuong: 47 VI.2. LUA CHON CHI�N LUOC: 47 VI.3. C�C CHI�N LUOC TH�M NHAP THI TRUONG: 47 VII. CHI�N LUOC C�P KINH DOANH: 51 VII.1. NHU C�U KH�CH H�NG V� SU KH�C BIET SAN PH�M: 51 VII.2. PH�N �OAN THI TRUONG MUC TI�U: 53 VII.3. H�NH �ONG THUC HIEN CHI�N LUOC C�P KINH DOANH: 54 VII.3.1.

    • Word count: 21947
  5. Cinema Evolved

    In Scarface and in Little Caesar, Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) and Rico "Little Caesar" Bandello (Edward G Robinson) both rise to the top with ease of access into the physical spaces of legitimate society and of the rich with no acknowledgment to the boundaries of the fixed social structures. Warshow states, "the gangster's activity is actually a form of rational enterprise, involving fairly definite goals and various techniques for achieving them" (14). Moreover, a sensible drive for success is made clear through the eyes of Rico and Tony.

    • Word count: 1424
  6. Why does all this copyright reform stuff matter, anyway? What's at stake? (Doctorow, 2008). With reference to arguments from those for and against copyright reform attempt to answer Doctorows question.

    The Copyright (Computer Programs) Regulations 1992 extended the rules covering literary works to include computer programs. Sound Recordings and broadcasts 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the last remaining author of the work dies, or the work is made available to the public, by authorised release, performance, broadcast, etc. Films 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the last principal director, author or composer dies, or the work is made available to the public, by authorised performance, broadcast, exhibition, etc.

    • Word count: 1813
  7. Free essay

    Music Distribution in the Digital Age

    This is no longer the only system of distribution due to the advent of the digital age. There is conflict between such traditional methods of distribution and those of digital means, as the standard means of distribution has been impinged on by technological innovation. With the rise of the internet and peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, the foundation for vast media file-sharing online was established, leading to the creation of online business models. P2P networks connect online users with one another and allow them to share files while also being connected directly to artists.

    • Word count: 1684
  8. Marketing Planner for a festival

    Visitor Profile: � Asian and Arabic women focus � Families with children � Affluent opinion-formers � High disposable income � Enjoy eating and shopping in Dubai � Affluent males Media List for Media partnerships: Media partnerships are being put in place to gain advertising space, editorial, dedicated supplements, to advertise promotional offers and competitions access databases and promote online activity Magazines Social magazines: Ahlan Masala Time Out Dubai Hello Middle East What's On OK Middle East Mondanite UAE Emirates Woman Harpers Bazaar Grazia Viva Aquarius Insider Pehla Al Hasnaa Friday Weekend Tourist Magazines: Connector Discover Dubai Visitor Jumeirah Magazine Out

    • Word count: 644
  9. facebook: communication

    So, how could they lead themselves to do bad things, distractions or others? This statement could be answered from the fact that some of the users tend to be an addict to this social site. Within this addiction, he or she leaves lots of other social and religion responsibilities such as doing assignments, book revisions, praying or reciting zikr and Al-Quran. Based upon researcher's reading on articles by Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, a lecturer from International Islamic University Malaysia and also an Islamic Jurisprudence Q & A Panel, I-Magazine- regarding Facebook, from Islamic perspectives, do bring six main negative effects towards their users when first, as a place to express the defect of one person, i.e.

    • Word count: 2584
  10. The Future of Journalism. For the first time, more and more people are getting their news online than from traditional ink and paper. So it is believed that print papers will continue to shrink and the Internet will continue to grow, serving the newspape

    It is sad to see so many good newspapers going out of business, and many people are now wondering what the future of the news will be. As younger generations grow up learning to read their news online and as there has been a huge decline in readership among newspapers it is very likely that many newspapers will cut their number of printed papers or in some extreme cases discontinue them altogether. The newspaper industry broadly relies on two sources of revenues: subscription and advertising.

    • Word count: 2336
  11. Cyborg - our advanced technology has brought along with it the cyborga human body and technology intersected, which lead womens image in the world to be further threatened by media. This growing cyborg phenomenon can cause anxieties for future persp

    While the cyborgs Harway refers to are images and dolls of robots that basically have the shape of a human being's body, but instead the skin looks like it is covered or perhaps replaced with metal. Cyborg representations of our bodies, specifically women's bodies, cause a false perception and alter attitudes toward women and sexuality. Allure of the CYBORG At first, the gender of many cyborg dolls or images online was not at all specific. Though, as the cyborgs became more popular they started to represent explicit gender characteristics.

    • Word count: 2213
  12. Research Proposal on Database Usability Issues

    It is better to write about something that you enjoy, so then the reader can feel the confidence in the review. It was also a topic I wanted to look further into especially the HCI factor. Within this initial literature review I have looked at a number of books and websites that I feel would help me in findings definitions for all usability features. I also looked at what applications use Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interface.

    • Word count: 1757
  13. How has the spread of communications technology affected cultures around the world? Assess the extent to which the Internet is a medium for Western culture alone.

    Nowadays, globalization is a common term, which is used to describe cultures in the world. The meaning of globalization is to bring people of different nations closer through a special medium like the Internet. (Lechner, 2000-2001) Undeniably, the Internet is the most outstanding innovation to provide a platform for self-exploration and social encounter. We can communicate with a person who is in another part of the world in seconds, at the same time, we can get information out of your home country. People can explore other cultures from different ethnicity, share their thoughts together and establish a global friendship easily.

    • Word count: 961
  14. What are the Values of Web 2.0 Technologies to a Student of Media and Communications?

    This can be particularly effective if both tutors and peers partake. Blogs can also be efficient to a student of media and communications as they allow one to develop skills for expressing ideas, which is essential regarding coursework and also jobs relating to all aspects of the media. Weblogs are very significant because teachers and students can incorporate them into both classrooms and practice. However, the tools for searching for blogs and for helping make communication between blogs possible can still lack superiority when compared with forums or web 2.0 websites such as youTube (which enables members to upload and

    • Word count: 1636
  15. Free essay

    Webshots-Don't blink

    Revenue Webshots has three revenue models: advertising, subscription and mark-up. About 50 percent of its revenue is derived from advertising to support those free services. Webshots also offers ways that advertisers can get involved with sponsoring daily photos. Users have options of a free or premium membership. The free accounts are limited to upload and share 1,000 personal photos plus 100 more in each month after registration of the membership. Videos shared are up to 5 minutes. The premium membership requires a subscription fee of $2.49 per month.

    • Word count: 3247
  16. E-commerce change management

    ("Process models of change") The overall process took longer than expected because of problems with finding an existing change management report of an E-Commerce company. After all the whole process took around two weeks. The report starts with problems within company A and it follows the whole process of change management. Attention is focused on the need for change, the changing process, the diagnosis, the plan to solve the issue(s), implementation and finally the review of the process of changes.

    • Word count: 2623
  17. Information Technologies

    Computers were used in these environments as a tool - a typewriter, calculator or storage device. The relative expense of computers prevented many people from using them in their homes, when a typewriter would perform the same task at a fraction of the cost. The advent of email triggered a gradual change in the perception of computers merely as a 'glorified typewriter'. Computers now began to have some of the qualities of a communication medium as email was more widely embraced. With the subsequent development and expansion of the Internet, computers came to be seen as 'media'.

    • Word count: 1580
  18. What is the act of creation?

    Therefore, creation is the human act of creating, to make the existence of things by someone which is completely new and no one has ever seen and heard about it before. Indeed, creation is also a complex term to define since it can be related to any aspect in the world such as religion, philosophy, science, arts, media, architecture and more. It is very interesting to examine the act of creation because it is making something out of nothing (Murphy 2007).

    • Word count: 2420
  19. ICT 3a Evaluation

    I can get whatever music I want from different websites rather than going to a shop and looking for the album I want. I use a computer to organise my files, example if I have loads of paper on my desk and it is annoying, I just scan it on the computer and I save it on Microsoft Word and then I can put all the papers I have scanned on the computer I can put the papers in the shread machine.

    • Word count: 6667
  20. report for ICT systems used in personal communications

    How it meets their needs: It is easy to carry around as it is becoming smaller and thinner as new game consoles are made, it allows user to download games, it holds a lot of data due to blu-ray disc, As technology improves there are new parts and pieces of technology which can be used on game console and plugged into the game console making it more fun to play with, and it can help you become fit as new technology makes you move around more whilst using the game console.

    • Word count: 1633
  21. Nagoya, 2005 Aichi Expo

    There where many critics, environmentalist, and residential problems and issue that needed to be resolved and thought out before major construction of the area get started underway. The 2005 Aichi committee needed to deal with the on-going debate with resident and environmentalist and trying to convince them that by hosting the Aichi Expo event on March 25, 2005. The event would bring good things to the city such as an increase in income, technology and state of the art architecture around the city.2 Rather than brining in any negative aspects and hazards to the resident that could harm them or the environment.

    • Word count: 2970
  22. ICT Report 3D

    The money that they would use would also need to be theirs and not borrowed, to prevent them having to pay interest, which would be a nuisance. New immigrants accumulating towards Brent's amazing multicultural society may have not been as lucky as to have the internet or even a computer in their native countries. So they require a method to take part in the wonders of the internet without having to pay extreme costs (to new immigrants costs of computers equipped with the internet can seem daunting)

    • Word count: 2581
  23. digital divide

    I will also look at the impact of the divide and what it being done to eliminate it. The digital divide in the UK Factors contributing to the divide I am now going to give a range of relevant factors that are contributing to the divide. Socio-economic status ?In socio-economic profile DE the number of those who do not own or have never used a PC is double that of those in profile AB.7?Home internet access ranges from 53% amongst social grades AB down to as little as 12% in groups.

    • Word count: 774
  24. The Necessity of Technology in Sport

    For example if we start using technology like intelligent cameras in football, it will reduce the number of mistakes that the referee makes and will mean that penalties, free-kicks and corners are only given out to players that deserve it and will also mean that payers will not try to dive to get any of these. It will make sure the players that foul will get what they deserve- a red or yellow card. However some sports fans will yet again debate that football should depend entirely on the hands of the referee and not involve complex technology which is also quite expensive.

    • Word count: 1118
  25. What in your opinion Has made of India an important Research Center?

    They were responsible for great scientific advances of the highest international degree. In the half century since Independence, India has been committed to the task of promoting the spread of science. The key role of technology as an important element of national development is well recognized. The Scientific Policy Resolution of 1958 and the Technology Policy Statement of the 1983 enunciated the principles on which the growth of science and technology in India has been based on over the past several decades.

    • Word count: 2290

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both their social background and experience; how the audience uses the media; and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some individuals or groups have a greater degree of control over media technology than others. This will inevitably influence the effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power: A man who owns an on-line journal will have much less social influence than a man who owns a television network. It is impossible to measure the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others. (Frank Webster) Theories of the information society. 1995. (Robin Roy, Nigel Cross) Technology and society. 1975 (Stanley A. Hetzler) Technological growth and social change : achieving modernization. 1969. (Esther Dyson) Release 2.1: A design for living in the digital age. 1995 FSS 122 essay Paul Shepherd FC137640 BABJ1"

  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both the social background and the experience of the audience, how the audience uses the media, and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. The effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power is different for all those who use it as such as some groups or individuals have a greater degree of control over it than others. It is impossible to quantify the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others."

  • Discuss the functions and ethics of identification and tracking computing technology embedded in everyday products.

    "So in my concussion to the argument I would agree with the arguments against the tagging process, I think that the public are being miss lead into the process. The public need to know about the tagging for it to be justified, maybe if the company were to change the way they manufactured their chips, it would make them better if they had a limited life. Also if the company were to advertise their chips, letting the public now about them, as they might not be as cautious about using there products, But with respect to the shopping technology which lets you walk out of the shop with out paying and you get sent a bill to your home address, I am completely agree with this type of technology because I think it would revolutionise the way in which we shop to this date. I agree with the process of the human electronic tagging and the ethics behind that type of technology, depending on which crime has been committed, and if it was a smaller crime then these criminals would be allowed to be moved out of the jails and put on this electronic tagging system, which would free up jail space for the bigger criminals."

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