Examine the claim that media work to obscure and maintain power relations

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Examine the claim that media work to obscure and maintain power relations

To understand the relationship between media and power there are many questions that should be asked and answered. The correlation between media and power is extremely complex and immensely vast, that people have written thousands of books and articles trying to understand and explain it. Instead of making general claims about how media works to obscure and maintain power relations, this essay will look at how mass media is being used today to control and influence the public while obscure the fact that they’re doing so, thus maintaining their dominance, in context of the Arab Springs that have been going on for the past few years.

Unlike in the United States, were private international conglomerates own the majority of mass media, mass media in the Arab World is owned and controlled by national-state governments. So if the citizens want to know what is going on in their country, they could read about it in the government owned newspaper or watch it on the government owned television channels. And for a long time these governments were able to preserve their power by using mass media to create this illusion that everything is normal. People living inside these countries didn’t know what was going on outside this bubble and the people outside didn’t know what was going on inside.

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However in the age Internet and social media, the public had something that they didn’t have before, which is their own uncensored form of media. This was the hole in the bubble. This allowed them to communicate freely and gave them bigger access to the outside world; however this also allowed the outside world into the bubble and into the lives of the public. And with the help of social media they were able to fight back governments and inform the western of world of the issues they’re facing.

The United States was cautious and contradictory in their approach to ...

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