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University Degree: Film Studies

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Film Studies essay - Gladiator.

    4 star(s)

    After these images there is a straight cut to a man walking through a field of barley. We merely see the man's head and his arm. His arm is dressed with a cuff and a ring, which seem to suggest that he is a Roman soldier of some sort. The use of colour is very important here as lots of rich , sunny yellows are used, although there is still a tinge of sepia colour. Sepia colour is used in a clever way as generally it tends to suggest things that have happened in the past (as old photographs used to be taken in sepia)

    • Word count: 2298
  2. Marked by a teacher

    The Woman In White - plot and characters.

    3 star(s)

    A many-sided narrative In terms of English fiction, Wilkie Collins is something of an innovator of narrative form. Although there are a number of Eighteen-Century novels in which the epistolary form is used (Richardson's Pamela), Collins extends and refines this style, so that many voices speak to the reader. Indeed, apart from the central figures, there are many transient characters who help to give evidence which completes this story. Significantly, it is the good characters who have the most to say, that is those with a central moral orientation, who direct and condition the reader's responses to events and revelations.

    • Word count: 2835
  3. Marked by a teacher

    An analysis of the way in which mise-en-scene cinematography, editing and sound are used to create meaning during the opening 7mins of The Usual Suspects.

    During the opening of the film the mise-en-scene attracts the audience attention as they want to know what is going on, who is this man Keyser Soze, why is the film opening up in a ship yard and what has happened to cause these deaths? One such part of the opening that creates meaning is that when the camera follows Soze it does not portray all of his body, instead it only shows his chest and legs, this is important as it creates an air of mystery and makes the audience want to know who this man is.

    • Word count: 2131
  4. Marked by a teacher

    An analysis of the opening sequence of the film 'East is East' directed by Damien O'Donnell The film 'East is east' is based on an autobiographical screen play by Ayub Khan Din.

    The opening sequence of 'East is East' starts by showing the audience the area the film is to be set in. It then moves on to show a Christian Easter parade with the mixed race children participating. It then shows close ups of the children's faces consecutively. By doing this it shows that they have some relationship. We later find out that they are siblings. The comic actions of this group tell the audience that this film will have an element of comedy, but the issue with sneaking down the back alleys to avoid contact with their father indicates the culture clash that lasts through out the film.

    • Word count: 2643
  5. Free essay

    How do Hollywood ancient world epics use spectacle and for what purposes? What is the relationship between spectacle and narrative in such films?

    Indeed, anything that is visually impressive and evoking of emotion might be deemed a spectacle. The significance of this is summed up by Ralph Jackson as he discusses the power of spectacle in Roman theatre: "These spectacular shows were embedded in Roman society, and the imagery of the amphitheatre, circus and theatre permeated all classes, from top to bottom... to illustrate the brilliance, danger, skills and brutality of those events and the political power that went with them." (2000: 7) The modern film audience too, then, must surely be presented with the same level of spectacle for it to have any real success or feel of authenticity.

    • Word count: 2554
  6. Clockwork Orange Analysis. AClockwork Orange written and directed by Stanley Kubrick, is a 1971 adaption of the 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess. The film portrays modification of the protagonist, Ale

    In this scene the lack of music and the raw sounds of the beating and shouting stun the audience. The next scene exposes the audience to a rival gang raping young girl. The opening of the scene opens up with the music, and the manner in which the gang manipulates the girl, dragging her in every which direction, removing her clothes in the process, is fitting for the music, and causes the audience to become distanced. Kubreck further distances the audience, by Alex's barrage of insults towards the opposing gang, sparking a fight.

    • Word count: 2493
  7. In her essay Arts of the Contact Zone, Mary Louise Pratt discusses the power of language use. In the film directed by Agnieszka Holland, titled Europa Europa, similar issues dealing with language use arise constantly with the emphasis on ide

    theorized as discrete, self-defined, coherent entities, held together by a homogeneous competence or grammar shared identically and equally among all the members. (Pratt p.525) Pratt's statement is meant to describe characteristics that are seen within language use of a community or group. Pratt is saying, based on observation, what makes a group "a group" is shown to have characteristics which are discrete, self-defined, coherent entities, in order to keep the groups members tide together. She furthermore means that language is described in a community in which its occupants share feelings of inclusion, acceptance, insiderness and belonging.

    • Word count: 2346
  8. Laurent says of Vincent in the film "LEmploi du Temps" that he invents a life that looks exactly like the one he is fleeing. Account for this paradox and discuss this view of Vincent.

    This downward spiral continues throughout the film until his fraudulent activities are discovered by his family, and he is confronted with the consequences of his dishonesty. There is no satisfying resolution however, as the picture finishes with him interviewing for a new position that he is clearly unenthusiastic about, essentially leaving him where he started. As mentioned above, Cantet used the story of Jean-Claude Romand as inspiration for L'emploi du Temps, however the film is in fact much less dramatic than the real life happenings.

    • Word count: 2894
  9. How New Digital Media Affect Appropriation

    Simply copying or imitating another's work and then passing it off as your own are acts of plagiarism. And if the original medium is copyrighted, making money off of stealing the original is in violation of copyright law. However, copyright's original intention was to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries1." Therefore, in order to continue to promote progress in the arts, the fair use doctrine, enacted by the Copyright Act of 1976, legally allows for appropriation and protects those adopting, borrowing, or recycling existing moving images in order to create their own.

    • Word count: 2346
  10. Paying attention to form as well as theme, assess how Ju Dou deals with questions of the male and the recuperation of Chinese masculinity.

    Ju Dou makes several suggestions to Tianqing to kill Jinshan and he refuses due to his loyalty that Jinshan is his master. 'Ju Dou renders repressed male masculinity and sexuality in the form of visual allegories.' (Cui: 2003) looking at the visuals of Ju Dou we can begin to see how male masculinity is repressed. The' female figure is trapped in an incestuous relationship with the patriarchal farther.' (Cui: 2003) Ju Dou has been bought by Jinshan so she is his wife but also in debt to him like a slave.

    • Word count: 2079
  11. Ideology and gender discourse in slasher films 'Halloween' (1978) and 'Friday the 13th' (1980)

    The term 'discourse' is itself under dispute. It is a critical term in linguistic analysis, signifying communicative practices which produce meaning. It focuses on how language is extended to shape other aspects of culture- ways of thinking, talking, representing, doing and acting. Casey defines discourse as "a particular sets of beliefs and attitudes which... embody cultural practices that function to shape the identities and actions of social participants" (Casey, 2008: 80). It is these practices together which actively shape our understanding of reality. Within the confines of media studies, critical discourse analysis- a term first coined by Norman fairclough, signifying an approach to discourse that focuses on

    • Word count: 2554
  12. Free essay

    While most noir films conjure up images of terror in black-and-white settings, 'Leave Her To Heaven' manages to fall into the noir category despite its lush technicolor scenery and handsome interiors.

    The whole story behind this man is then revealed by his lawyer through a flashback. This is a very classic start in noir film, the audience is introduced to the dark world of crime, a world full of shadows and fears. The narrative structure of 'Leave Her To Heaven' is the conflict and resolution structure. According to Ken Fuson of the Des Moines Register, every story at its heart is a story of conflict and resolution and the story of 'Leave Her To Heaven' has established its conflict early and clearly. The conflict is that what happens to the successful author Richard Harland who is sentenced to a term in prison.

    • Word count: 2151
  13. Discuss the significance of genre in one of the literary works we have read and in the corresponding film adaptation The Government Inspector.

    Gogol took this simple anecdote of Pushkin's and made it into a five-act play, satirising the extreme level of bureaucracy in Tsarist Russia. The plot of the play revolves around a corrupt group of officials in an unnamed town mistaking the identity of a pompous low-ranking official from St Petersburg, labeling him with the badge of government inspector despite a distinct lack of supporting evidence. The play is a comedy of situation; the situation being mistaken identity, both for the townspeople and for Khlestakov, with the townspeople mistaking Khlestakov's identity, and Khlestakov at first misinterpreting their hospitality as typical4.

    • Word count: 2535
  14. To what extent does the work of Brian DePalma discuss either: identity, homage, or parody?

    The way women are presented is often in a highly sexualised manner. This is very true in Phantom of the Paradise, the girls auditioning are overlooked for their talent and ability, and instead we see them parading their sexuality. The 'audition room' is actually a large round bed area, with scantily-clad women writhing around touching each other. Rather than seeming manipulated and exploited, the women seem to be happy with their position. Later on, they are dressed in bikinis sitting on a car for the show rehearsal, when the car explodes. As discussed by Lewis (2008), DePalma often shows brutal violence being dealt towards women - such as the dream scene of brutal rape and murder that opens his 1980 film Dressed to Kill.

    • Word count: 2218
  15. An exploration of the function of sound in the film The Fugitive.

    The fact that the blockbuster went 'over the top with sound, but tastefully' including a diverse range of artificial sound effects, created a meaningful and cohesive audio-visual relationship, even though the incredible sound did not accurately match the visual images, which is particularly highlighted in the film's opening sequence. The sound used at the beginning encapsulates the 'more of it than it's there' type of sound that appears throughout the film, where it is sensationalised without killing it (Sergi, 2004: 125).

    • Word count: 2307
  16. Analysis of 10min Sequence in Mulholland Drive (Dir: David Lynch)

    Lynch uses somewhat grainy editing here, as the three appear white and hazy, and this is furthered by an eerie sound which clashes greatly with the upbeat music and therefore builds suspense, although we as a viewer only understand in hindsight why this is the case. In his novel, American Independent Cinema, King states that the narrative of Mulholland Drive is "far from easy to resolve without sitting down and working through a great deal of detail in retrospect or on repeated viewing" (King, 2005: 100).

    • Word count: 2104
  17. Technological determinism offers an insufficient explanation of development in cinema,' Discuss with reference to the development of either: early cinema, sound or colour.

    Having set forth this industrial context, the historian can move on to consider the three stages in the introduction of any new product or process in other words, the technological change itself. The first of stages is the development of the invention necessary for effecting the introduction of a new product or process.1 Invention Efforts to link sound to motion pictures originated in the 1890s, where entrepreneurs experimented with mechanical means to combine the phonograph and motion pictures. In 1895 Thomas Alva Edison introduced a device called the Kinetophone.

    • Word count: 2497
  18. Free essay

    Analyse the Narrative structure of The Proposition.

    The quest involves Charlie's long search through unforgivingly harsh country and draws satisfyingly on the complexities of motive. "We're family, all of us," says Arthur to Charlie in a meditative sunset moment, and Charlie, dispatched to kill one brother for the sake of another, can't make a truthful response to this. The proposition has been made to him in the name of an oppressive regime and, as the film moves inevitably towards the Christmas reckoning, it seems less and less likely that Charlie will be able to meet its terms.

    • Word count: 2060
  19. In the Film 'Schindler's List' how does the Director Steven Spielberg attempt to portray the terror of the Holocaust in the scene depicting the liquidation of the ghetto, and how successful is he in this?

    From the beginning of the film we learn that Oskar Schindler is a philanderer and a womaniser, which makes it hard for us to believe that he would be the kind of person, who would bother to offer sanctuary to the Jews. But we learn that this avaricious German businessman finds something within himself that compels him to become involved saving Jews. Initially, Oskar Schindler portrays himself to be exploitative towards the Jews by using them for such hard labour and giving them unbelievably low pay.

    • Word count: 2207
  20. The skeleton key

    There are several connotations of the title, 'The Skeleton Key'. The word 'skeleton' suggests elements of evil, darkness and intimidation. This idea sets us up for a frightening journey. Skeletons are usually identified as terrifying creatures that normally jump out and frighten us without warning. The 'Key' suggests the idea that something is unlocked within the film, and that we can find out the answer to a mystery by unlocking the information. As the slogan of the film suggests, "Fearing is believing".

    • Word count: 2139
  21. Why was "The Matrix" so successful?

    The blossoming relationship between Neo and Trinity provides the film with a gentle, romantic touch. The hideous environment of the human crops and the idea of people being "grown" offers an element of horror. Of course the stunning fight scenes keep the action coming throughout the film. Also, although perhaps not so noticeably, there are a few moments of dark comedy. The main genre is evidently sci-fi, meaning that although there are scientific references and meanings, the content is fictional. "The Matrix" has also been described, more specifically as "cyberpunk." This means that it is fast-paced science fiction involving futuristic computer-based societies.

    • Word count: 2627
  22. Analyse how V for Vendetta is a political and symbolic film and how you respond to the film

    V, like Fawkes, plans to blow up parliament with the aim of giving the English population freedom from their Nazi like government. This event takes place on the 5th of November; a very symbolic date that was made famous because Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up parliament on that same night in 1605. V's mask that he wears due to disfigurement is the face of Guy Fawkes; this can be seen as V's disguise or identity. V could decided to take on the guise of Fawkes to get his point across to the nation with more impact; it is as

    • Word count: 2488
  23. Special Effects usage in Film

    Images within images are nothing new. Images seamlessly bonded to images within the same frame are a different matter altogether. (Wheeler, DW. 1998, p.32) Supposedly, film once existed in a pure, natural state, which is now threatened by new developments in digital technology such as CGI and what has resulted in 'spectacularity' in films. For the sake of this argument, 'spectacularity' will be referred to as the use of digital effects to create a heightened sense of reality in a film. According to this reasoning, film is natural or real as long as we are aware that it is artificial.

    • Word count: 2484
  24. Quotidian Films and the 'World That is Ours':Kracauer's Remedy for the Fragmentation of Mass Consciousness

    He recognizes vast potential, the possibilities of a purification of mass consciousness, in this natural ability, and his theoretical writings on film are mostly intended to remind filmmakers that this ability should be developed and explored, not fought against through clever affectations. He defines the "cinematic approach" as films that literally "show what they picture." He clarifies that even in films that include images of the real world, this approach is most often subverted for artistic purposes. "In the work of art, nothing remains of the raw material itself - the real-life material disappears in the artist's intention...

    • Word count: 2219
  25. My example media production log for AS thrillers production coursework

    I particularly like the enigmatic characters in thrillers. They contribute to the whole feeling of tension. I like the music that goes with thrillers. Without the music, the suspense would be nothing like as powerful as it is. The music can create such stunning affects upon an audience and I think it is a powerful tool to use when making thriller films. The opening sequence of a film can be the most important moment. The audience will determine how they are going to feel about the film. This quick section outlines the filmmaker's intentions and helps to set up expectations.

    • Word count: 2081

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "Examine the techniques used by the director of The Sixth Sense. How are the scenes in the film presented to maintain the belief of Malcolm Crowe being alive? Evaluate the importance of these techniques to the film as a whole"

    "To conclude Malcolm's reality is maintained by the techniques of deceptive language/acting/camera shots in specifically affecting scenes. The language/actions and conveyance of the script by the actors is the most convincing technique used by Shyamalan. If the actors didn't do the script justice they would have been readable from the beginning. The techniques that maintain the perception of Malcolm's reality are extremely important to the plot and point of the film. Contributing to these factors is Shyamalan's signature way of developing a scene and subtly leaving clues about Malcolm's existence. Malcolm and Cole's relationship and communication is the basis to the whole film and from this many subplots including Malcolm's marriage and the involvement of Lyn Sears develop. Besides the action in the film, the promotion of the film was cleverly put together. Firstly if the potential audience were going to see this they most probably knew the outline to the film. Going to see the film, knowing the physiological trick, they open up themselves to become deceived by the director and actors adding to the skill of deception through media. By Mark Shields 11PG Words: 1,456"

  • Analyse how Amy Heckerling’s film ‘Clueless’ portrays the youth of contemporary America and the society in which they live.

    "To conclude I think that Amy Heckerling portrays the youth of contemporary America well although she does tend to exaggerate in order to emphasis a point clearly. All the characters in 'Clueless' have their own different personalities although they follow trends and imitate each other, which is similar to youth culture anywhere. The exaggeration needs to be remembered when we watch the film, however, for the youth culture in contemporary America - even in Beverly Hills is not as contrived as this! Also, the film portrays a very small section of a very rich part of America and in reality American youth culture and the way people live is very different from this."

  • Analyse the Effects Created for the Spectator by the Mise-en-Scene and Camerawork in the Sequence Lynn's Bedroom

    "This scene is made meaningful by its strong contrast to the show-'Veronica Lake'-room. In conclusion we can see that through mise-en-scene Lynn Bracken's two very different sides and lives can be shown. It is all simply illustrated in props and scenery specially allocated to help the audience conjure up their own important perspectives. Thus making the rest of the film more meaningful in itself and allowing the audience to understand it better. 1205 words. (�not including that!) Daniella Angel"

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