Is Television Doing Irreparable Harm?

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Is Television Doing Irreparable Harm?

Right after Mr. Cai gave us the lesson the Plug-in Drug TV and the American Family, the whole class was flown into a heated discussion: Is our favorite TV in fact a malicious one-eyed monster? Some pals even sighed that, “TV hasn’t been with us all that long, but we’ve already beginning to forget what the world like without it. We’re nothing but living statues!

Exactly, in the article, the author Winn quoted extensively from magazines, individuals and even some unacknowledged sources and successfully presented a gloomy picture about people’s passive family life with TV, and this at once conjured up the adverse influences of TV to me:

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For one thing, TV can be a big time-waster in some sense. Easy enough to find many people watching TV for several hours every day. Some people even turn it on seven o’clock in the morning and don’t leave it until midnight, which is not only harmful to their health but also affect their work and study. Some people are glued to their TV sets and become so immersed in TV that they fail to communicate with people around them. This certainly helps cause generation gaps, divorce and other social problems.

For anther thing, what the author warned us against is that children can ...

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