Chris Dow   5/2/2007   Mr. Laven   Media Studies

Leon Film Review

Leon, not only offers thrills and action in plentiful amounts, but also delivers, with superb performances from the three main leads, Jean Reno, as Leon, Natalie Portman, as Mathilda and Gary Oldman, as Norman Stansfield, a corrupt government official whose maniacal greed leads to murder on the streets of New York.

Leon, a highly trained hitman, is thrust into looking after newly orphaned Mathilda, a lonely 12 year old girl, after her parents, and entire family is killed in a house raid involving drugs, fronted by Norman. Leon is adverse to this change, but Matilda, with premature maturity, convinces Leon to take her in. When Mathilda realizes that Leon is what he refers to as “a cleaner”, her course of action becomes apparent. Taking her younger brother’s unrighteous death as a motive for revenge, Mathilda begs Leon to teach her the tricks of his trade, so that she, who could never forgive or forget the man who killed her family, can pay him his just deserves.

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Their unconventional relationship slowly develops, and they gradually open up to one another, subconsciously realising that each has the ability to salve the internal pain of the other, providing something that they were both initially lacking. Mathilda, viewing Leon as the father figure, that she never really had, and too, someone to offer companionship that she never received from her family members. In turn, she offers Leon an alternative view to life, making him realise that there is more to existence, than killing, and looking after what is revealed to be his best friend, a pot plant. Gun cleaning, ...

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