Purely Belter: Film Review.

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Parin Chouhan


Purely Belter: Film Review

The plot of the film is were two boys named Gerry and Sewell want two season tickets to Newcastle United Football Club. This is their lifetime dream they give up smoking taking drugs and alcohol but they haven’t got any money. So they need to raise a thousand pounds before the season starts. So they try to raise some money by selling old broken things, shoplifting, asking Alan Shearer for season tickets and robbing a bank. But after they try to rob the bank they get caught by the police and get sentenced to two hundred hours community service. There job in the community service is to deliver food to the elderly but the building they deliver to is right above the Newcastle stadium St James Park so in the end they get to see Newcastle play after all. The events were believable because the situation the boys were in by not going school you would think that they would result in to stealing. All the events were believable such as shoplifting, robbing the bank and asking Alan Shearer and stealing his car after laughing at them. This shows how desperate they were in getting the thousand pounds for the season tickets. The films central message was that even they were facing punishment in trying to get the money buy robbing the bank they still got to see Newcastle play, as there punishment was to deliver hot meals to elderly people but the building they deliver to is right above the Newcastle stadium St James Park so they got to see them play after all. This is the moral of the film. The genre of this film is a comical drama as it is funny with a sad story outline

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The characters in the film act in a realistic way by acting dumb and uneducated way so you can tell from this that they don’t go school and also commit crimes so this leads them in also into taking drugs. Also Gerry and Sewell don’t have jobs so in order to get the money fast for the season tickets they commit crimes in order to get the cash because they have a short time to get the money for the season tickets. I think that the most effective person in the film is Gerry because he come up with the ...

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