"Starship Troopers" - typical Hollywood fare or pro-military & feminine-fascist?

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A.J. Schultz


English 265

May 22, 2002


        Starship Troopers seems to encompass the typical generated Hollywood film.  The film has no real big actors; the film has a huge budget with tons of special effects and a rather uneducated plot to the movie.  The film was promoted weeks in advance, coming out with the action figures, the bug fighting ships and guns galore, one could say without any authority on the matter that this film was made to make money without any artistic means behind it.  However, even though Starship Troopers is a film that seems very Hollywoodized and uninformed, one could discover through much investigation that this film promotes a Feminine-fascist, pro-military theme which is screened behind its dim-witted style.  This is illustrated through a Star Wars analogy, the pro-military infomercials and the pro-feminine themes throughout the film.  

        Starship Troopers was and is an enormously popular movie.  It had a budget of over 100 million dollars which quite a bit of it was spent on special effects for the film.  The film is not a comedy or a drama it is your typical Hollywood action flick, filled with horrible lines, bad acting and a lot of explosions.  This is a kind of movie that people go and see just to zone out and relax.  The film was very popular due to the amount of marketing that they did prior to its release.  The film was also a huge summer success and made millions of dollars, despite the standard plot.

Starship Troopers is a film about the coming of age of three recently graduated high school students.  The story begins with the three students in class; this is a very odd class because the teacher is talking about odd subjects, such as “how to become a civilian” and “the idea of going into the military”.  From here these three students make their voyage into the military because it is basically the right thing to do if you want to get ahead in life.  The story then focuses on Rico, who is the main character and how he saves the earth from these horrible bug invaders.

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        The plot of the film is very typical; it can be compared to many other films including Star Wars.  Basically Rico wants to go into the mobile infantry but his parents won’t let him so he rebels and does what he wants.  This can be compared to Luke joining the Jedi warriors in his fight to bring down evil.  And also very similarly both Luke’s and Rico’s parents are murdered by the enemy, so what do they do?  They both decide to avenge their parents death and fight the evildoers.  This plot borrowing really shows the audience how easy it ...

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