What are the main factors that have led to Hollywood's domination of the world film industry?

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What are the main factors that have led to Hollywood’s domination of the world film industry?

This essay is going to look at what factors have lead to the Hollywood film industry being the most dominating film industry and the factors which donate to this.

 It is quite clear that America is in a power league of it’s own in many aspects of things we do today.  From companies such as fast food restaurants, the music we listen to and even the way we speak and act is often in someway linked to the USA.  One thing that is quite obviously associated with America is its film industry, within what is known as Hollywood.

The cinema began in 1895 since then it has grown and broadened all over the globe.  Watching films is one of the most popular activities in this present day. According to Douglas Gomery “Since the end of World War one, the U.S. film industry has been the dominant cinema in the world and it has been relation to Hollywood that other cinemas have had to define themselves (through either competition, differentiation or opposition).”  

Films have dominated the crown of the film industry since 1914-15 until present day.  American’s have always been one step ahead with their technological development and within film this is no exception.  Film always used to be thought of something which was at fairground (as this was where some of the first tests were shown) and was associated with the working class.  However this changed in the First World War time period when cinemas became posh and lavish building where classy citizens went.  It lost it’s once thought sleazy reputation.  Through-out the years

Censorship and regulation was introduced in 1926. In the UK the BBFC set grounds in which they could cut or even ban films if they disobeyed strict guidelines of what it couldn’t contain. Issues covering the topics of Religion, Politics, Military, Social, Cruelty, Questions of Sex and Crime –

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“Compared to the United States where financiers quickly saw the profit potential of film, British capital was slow to move into the film industry.”

Hollywood films are usually what we know as feel good films and give off a sense of escapism from reality.  When watching them you tend to get lost in the film itself. This could be a reason why the films are very popular and tend to dominate the film industry.  Such films like “She’s all that”, “Father of the Bride”, and “Dirty dancing” are just a few examples of the type of films which end happily ...

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