Complementary Therapies.

Task 1.

Acupuncture- oriental therapy

Acupuncture is the stimulation of the special points on the body, usually by inserting needles. Originating in the Far East about 2000 years ago, it has made various appearances in the western medicine. Acupuncture recent popularity in the west dates from the 1970s when president Nixon visited china.

In its original form acupuncture was based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. According to these the workings of the human body are controlled by a force or energy called qi (pronounced chee"), which circulates the whole body between organs on channels called meridians.

There are 12 main meridians in the body each of which correspond with a major function or organ in the body.

Qi energy must flow in the correct strength and quality through each meridian for health to be maintained. The acupuncture points provide a means of altering the flow are positioned along the meridians the skill of acupuncture is knowing where and how to stimulate the skin and subcutaneous structures in order to achieve the desired result. The point may be stimulated with needles or alternatively an electrical current or by laser heat and massage.

Treatment is usually painless although the patient may feel some dull heavy pain this is associated with a positive response relief mat be immediate or improvement may take several sections although some patients don't respond at all there is a growing interest by the general public in natural forms of medicine, unfortunately in the UK anyone is allowed to set up as an acupuncturist and treat patients medically qualified acupuncturists are responsible to the general medical council. The British medical acupuncture society was formed in 1980 members include general practioners, rheumotoliogists, anaesthetists, pain specialists and orthopedic surgeons as well as dentists and vets.

Aromatherapy touch therapy.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance health and appearance. Essential oils contain the scent of the flowers, leaves, and steams, roots or bark from which they come and have been used as perfumes for thousands of years. Essential oils are said to sooth away tension, improve concentration, lift depression, fight infection, speed healing and reduce inflammation aromatherapy is perhaps the most luxurious treatment for mind and body.

There are different odors in aromatherapy also known, as notes such ass top middle and bottom all of these should be blended to reach desired affect.

Top notes include lemon characterized by first impressions,

Middle notes include geranium the bouquet of the heart,
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Bottom/base note include ginger the note that lasts and takes longer to notice

There are a few different ways of using aromatherapy some of which include massage and inhalation.

Massage - essential oils are probably best used in massage, oils must be diluted in a carrier oil such as grape seed oil or almond oil before being applied to the skin or it will cause great irritation. Smooth firm massage strokes are best used as they warm the skin and aid the penetration of essential oils, vigorous hooking and squeezing should be avoided, as the ...

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