How far do you agree with the statement,

‘The medical renaissance change some aspects of medicine but kept others the same’?

The renaissance period did help the study of medicine quite a lot and showed just how much it was needed and how important it was in the study of medicine. By looking back at the dark ages and previous periods of time, we can tell what had changed and what has stayed the same. We can also tell what new discoveries had been made and if they were for better or for worse.

      During the dark ages and through past periods of time many discoveries were made. Some of these discoveries and theories carried on for many centuries but some were wrong. Discoveries were made such as; the brain controls the body which was found out from dissection. This helped with developments in human anatomy and the body. Also, the 4 humours theory which came across in previous years and it was the idea that the 4 liquids in your body had to be balanced to be well and if they were unbalanced, you were sick. This idea carried on for many years. The life expectancy rate was quite low which meant that improvements were still needed to be made to increase the life expectancy. Also, for many diseases and for the Black Death people believed that the causes were linked to miasma and the smell. For example; the Black Death in 1348. During this time, the people used to cauterize to heal wounds. Some of these theories were true and found to be correct but some were found to be false and later discoveries were made during the renaissance.

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      The renaissance period showed us new medical ideas after centuries of poor progress. Howether quite a few of the ideas still remained and were yet to be improved. Therefore there wasn’t any dramatic change. The renaissance introduced us to new medical specialists including, Andreas Vesalius, Amboise Pace and Harvey. Physicians and scholars began to scientifically study medicine and research human anatomy in more depth. Although some aspects of medicine were improved some just stayed the same without much improvement. For example; the 4 humours theory still existed, with no improvement. The idea that smell was the ...

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