Is Cosmetic Surgery really worth the risk?

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Is Cosmetic Surgery really worth the risk?

        Some might believe cosmetic surgery is necessary to get through everyday life. It is freely advertised in television commercials, books and magazines. You can’t even open a local newspaper without seeing page upon page of adverts for the surgery. This Cosmetic surgery is aimed at both men and women from any age group. It is the simple way of achieving “the perfect body”.

        When I think about cosmetic surgery I tend to think, “Why can’t people accept themselves as they are?” Of course you’re going to get the ugly duckling of the family. However you know what they say, “Beauty is only skin deep”. My personal opinion is that everyone is unique in a certain way and that people shouldn’t change that so others approve of them.

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         What makes people take the risk of having cosmetic surgery where there is a possibility of disfigurement? All surgery does not come with a guarantee. In some cases death has occurred and this is what no one hears about.

        People (the general public) get the cosmetic surgery done to enhance their looks (larger breasts or straighter noses). To have the perfect face or perfect body is impossible because everyone has a different view of what “perfect” is.

        It’s mainly down to the person who is getting it done to end up with what is perceived as “perfect”. However, some ...

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