Latin Speech

For our speech we have chosen to stand against the accused in the scenario with the sick father and his son.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present our case against the accused.  First, we shall outline the case.

        A banished son studies medicine.  When his father falls ill, the son is summoned because he says he has a medicine which will cure him, despite the fact that all other doctors before have failed.  The father drinks part of the medicine and says he has been poisoned.  The son drinks the rest, but the father dies.  The son is accused of parricide.

        Lets take the case step by step.  Firstly, the son was banished from home.  Why?  We can’t be sure.  However, it was suspected that, due to mental insecurity, he killed his mother.  Although the case was never proven, his father always believed it to be true.  The likely case of the father’s illness was depression resulting from the death of his wife and the loss of his only son.  And how did the son react?  Well all his dreams of getting into the best medical school were shattered.  Instead he had to settle for a poor quality school for second rate doctors, and was left to explore the medical world on his own, learning from no basis more reliable than his own meandering experiences.  And so, his life fell from high to low.  For each failure he made he blamed his father.  This son was afraid of the future.  Very afraid.  Let us take words form Master Yoda: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”  Amidst these emotions a plan formed in his feverish brow.  This son was out for revenge.  And he was determined to get it.

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        After his father became ill he claimed to have a cure.  Well, firstly, how could he be so sure that he had a cure?  None of the other doctors had found the right medicine, so what were the chances that this young, inexperienced doctor had got the answer to this impossible conundrum?  And even if he had found the cure, any good physician would first test it on animals, or at least ask the advice of some other doctors.  This episode shows a severe lack of initiative!

        But he was summoned anyway.  However, how can we assume that ...

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