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Praxis Note on Dignity

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Look Back For the past several weeks in Bloomington Cove, the Just Clean Your Hands (JCYH) project has been my major priority. The Director of Care (DOC) and the Assistant Director of Care (ADOC) was very helpful and supportive. They have given my colleague and me guidance throughout the project, helped us ordered supplies for our project, looking into the history of home to give us information, and even reach out to the community to find us materials that we needed for our presentation. I am very fortunate to have them as my preceptors because they have truly supported my learning in this community. The JCYH project would not be as successful. Elaborate and Describe For the past several weeks, it has been a very interesting and amazing experience for me. I have been focusing most of my effort on the Just Clean Your Hands (JCYH) project. I focuses on this particular project is not because the semester is coming closer to the end, but because it is, what I considered as, the climax of the project. ...read more.


Just from observation and talking to my colleague, it seems like staff has not increases their hand-hygiene practices and the presentation and posters we posted throughout the home is ineffective. Although the data I collected today shows a minor improvement on hand-hygiene practices and for those who did washes there is because they saw me sitting in front of the nursing station collecting data. Improving hand hygiene is widely acknowledged as the most important way of reducing infections in health care facilities (Huang & Wu, 20087). Nursing home resident are at risk for nosocomial, such as urinary tract infection, wound infection and respiratory infection. The major car providers at Bloomington Cove are personal support workers who work in close contact with all residents in the home. By improving their hand hygiene practices can have a positive health outcome for the resident at home. Despite the evidence of benefit we have presented to most of the staff in the home, the adherence to hand-hygiene practices is remains poor. ...read more.


This will not only provide extra reminders, it also provides motivation for staff to be the next role-model for the month. New Trail From this experience, I have experiences that knowledge cannot be viewed as action. What people know can be very different from what people do and trying to change their behaviours can sometimes be difficult and requires a long-term strategies. I have previously read from the textbook that evaluation has to be done throughout the process to measure the progression of the project. This JCYH project has given me the first hand experiences that theory. Now that I have started to do the evaluation of the JCYH project, I have also just noted that the true project has just begun because the underlying causes of the issues have just survived. As a nurse, I will need to do what is within my power to assist them to get through their challenges and therefore reducing the infection and outbreak rate in Bloomington Cove. Reference Huang, T. T. & Wu, S. C. (20088). Evaluation of a training programme on knowledge and compliance of nurse assistants' hand hygiene in nursing homes. Journal of Hospital Infection. 68, 164-170. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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