Recovering The Soul and Reinventing Medicine and Healing beyond the Body - Dr. Dossey.

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In the same manner as in Recovering The Soul and Reinventing Medicine Dr. Dossey - as expected by his friends and foes - takes on the traditional - or what the author would like to refer to as “modern” - medicine and science in his latest publication Healing Beyond the Body and this is despite his academic background as a doctor and a scientist. Dr. Dossey has been trying to go back to his new found roots in spirituality and discovering the effects of soul and mind in healing physical illnesses for well more than two decades. One would see this as a crusade in its own terms.

Dossey strongly believes in effectiveness and necessity of alternative and “integrative” medicine, but unlike many of his colleagues in the “alternative medicine camp” he has an impressive medial background both in terms of academics and practice. He tries to apply this very credible medical background and practices as a means of defending the whole idea of alternative medicine and goes to the extent of trying to make a fusion of the two, the “modern” medicine and the so called “alternative” medicine. He attempts to create an image of a world where alternative medicine and modern medicine co-exist in peace, and in all counts above he fails miserably.

One of the great flaws in Dr. Dossey’s arguments for the alternative medicine is that he fails to understand or acknowledge the fact that the “alternative” medicine maybe a new term but very often it is not a new concept nor a new set of practices. It has been around and has been practiced for many centuries or even millenniums. He cries about the modern medicine taking over Western culture and civilization and marginalizing the so called “mind and soul medicine” but does not mention the fact that the modern medicine took over the western and later on other civilizations because of the awesome failure of the mind and soul medicine and some not very old versions of the “alternative” medicine.

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Dr. Dossey never mentions the fact that acupuncture, massage therapy and all sorts of different healing and therapeutic methods and “alternative” medical practices - many of which have prehistoric roots in Asian and African cultures - were so inadequate in their peak that the introduction of modern medicine to those cultures at the turn of the twentieth century caused such massive population boom from which countries like China and India still suffer and will suffer for decades or perhaps centuries to come if not forever.

The other important issue that has to be addressed is Dr. Dossey’s passion ...

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