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reflective essay on placement

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1 The Nature of Nursing Organization and Delivery of Care Order No: 175375 No: of pages - 12 Premium writer - 6530 Introduction: The Medical Profession is more a vocation than just a profession. It needs dedication and selflessness besides good qualification and experience. Therefore it cannot be taken for granted. It is a field that is constantly changing and adapting itself for much quicker and better patient outcomes as Science and Technology take us to another higher level. Besides having good knowledge and experience of things, any person working in the medical field has to have nerves of steel and a heart of gold, the values of which compliment each other. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) that is a regulatory body observes and adapts a professional and statutory framework and guidance in nursing practice. It is entrusted with the responsibility of setting and monitoring the standard for professional education, performance at work and the good conduct or character of those employed in 2 the medical service. In so doing, it helps to maintain a high standard of things because it is free from prejudice and other discriminatory factors. In the interest of public protection, it is the duty of the NMC to see that these functions are dutifully carried out. In order to do this, the members follow the principles laid down in the first report of the Nolan Committee, on specific standards in public life, such as Honesty, Selflessness, Leadership, Integrity and other good values. They are an example to others and demonstrate values, respect and dignity towards others. In doing so, they set a high standard for others in recognizing their responsibilities and duties towards good patient care. ...read more.


[Peplau, 1989, p.78]. The Best Model in Health Care: In days gone by, the nursing fraternity and patient care was based only on the traditional model where the patient was looked upon as a machine having different parts. If any of these parts did not function properly or if it had broken down, it was repaired by following a fixed path with knowledge as the base. This traditional model laid emphasis only on the physical aspect of the human being where the patient had to listen to the 7 doctor and follow his instructions only. The patient had no part to play what - so - ever in the outcome of his illness. This method however is rather out dated and with the advancement in both Science and technology linked with research by great scientists, better methods have revolutionized the field of medicine. In lieu of this, the Florence Nightingale Method would lean a great deal towards the traditional method and hence is outdated for the fact that it doesn't suit the changing times. On the other hand, Peplau's Method with a psychoanalytical approach using interpersonal relationships does cater partially to modern health care and definitely has good scope for better patient outcomes than the traditional method. When analyzing the Roper - Logan - Tierney Model we come to realize that the different aspects of the patient, as well as patient care, were taken into consideration. This model is best suited because it takes care of the different health care needs while utilizing a holistic approach. This method is patient - centered, in that it allows the patient to take an active part in the treatment of his own illness. ...read more.


He showed interest in wanting to get better soon and so decided that he would admit himself the next day. 12 The next day when Mr. Fletcher got admitted, the nurse in charge took trouble in explaining that personal hygiene was of utmost importance. She advised him on respiratory hygiene by telling him he had to cover his mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. She also asked him to keep some tissues close at hand in case he had to use them. He was advised to throw the used tissues into a closed waste receptacle. In case he came into contact with respiratory secretions or other contaminated articles he was supposed to wash his hands with an antiseptic or an alcohol based hand rub. The nurse showed Mr. Fletcher where the tissues and hand wash were kept. The doctor sat with Mr. Fletcher and discussed on the action plan that would best suit him. They went through the procedures once again till Mr. Fletcher was satisfied and happy at the course of action. Medication was administered by the nurse conscientiously from time to time and she and the doctor maintained a good rapport with Mr. Fletcher. After about a week in the hospital Mr. Fletcher was breathing easily and freely. He was discharged soon after but advised to continue his personal hygiene and his medication. He was asked to visit the doctor for a follow - up after two weeks. When Mr. Fletcher visited the hospital after two weeks he was all praise for both the doctor as well as the nurse in charge of the Respiratory ward and so thanked them profusely. In this scenario, the Roper - Logan - Tierney Model was put into action and the outcome was the patient was thoroughly satisfied with his experience at the hospital which in turn made him get better faster. ...read more.

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