Socialized Medicine

Introduction: Socialized medicine, or a single payer health system, is the center of much controversy in both the United States and Canada. The idea behind Socialized Medicine is one healthcare plan, paid for by the government, giving equal care to all in need (Reed, 2000).  Those who support the idea say that they are saving the jobs of doctors and keeping large hospital firms from cornering the market (Himmelstein, 2004). Those against feel that with socialized medicine comes, waiting list and unhappy doctors.

Against Socialized Medicine: Socialized medicine, is a hot topic of debate in the Canadian election. Many would think that issues such as drug or gun control would be the topic of many of the political campaigns. But they are not, rather, the main campaign add is which type of food to be served in hospitals. The fight is weather or not food should be pre-cooked and then shipped to hospitals or if the food should be prepared fresh in the hospital. Topics such as this about socialized medicine plague much of the headlines and political debates. Many against socialized medicine, feel that much needed time and money is being wasted and should be spent on other, more beneficial, ideas.

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Another flaw with the socialized medicine campaign is waiting times. The average waiting time for a surgery in Canada is 13.3 weeks(reed, 2002).  This is substantially greater than the in the US. A better example is the average wait time for a knee replacement. In the US, the average wait time is 3 weeks compared to 8 weeks in Ontario(Himmelstein, 2004).

For Socialized Medicine: David U. Himmelstein, a supporter of socialized medicine, said “a few giant firms own or control a growing share of medical practice.” His fears, along with many others, are that giant firms are buying up hospitals ...

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