This essay is about the development of medicine in Ancient civilisations

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Essay on Ancient Civilisations

This essay is about the development of medicine in Ancient civilisations and whether or not individuals were the only significant factor to the development of medicine. Before the start of the Ancient Civilisations, there were prehistoric people who lived in small villages, grew their own crops and used Gods and Spirits for the reason behind the cause and cure of illness. Although they weren’t very advanced in their knowledge aboout medicine, they knew enough to get by in life.

The Egyptians didn’t have an individual to tell them about the causes of illness and how to ure it, but they were more developed in their knowledge of medicine than people in Prehistory.         To start with the Egyptians lived in a very wealthy country with powerful rulers. The Egyptians wealth was based on the river Nile. The Egyptains used the Nile for farming which was so successful that they became rich. With their new found wealth the Egyptians could spend their time training specialist doctors and metal workers. They also developed a form of writing and paper made from papyrus so that doctors could record symptoms of different illnesses for patients so that they ould use them again for future reference on ther patients. The Egyptians used the Nile to trade herbs and plants with far away countries to help them with their remedies. Egyptian doctors also believed that the human body was like the Nile, it had channels that kept everything flowing nicely but if one of the channels became bloked then like the Nile their would be disaster.

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The Egyptians didn’t move around like people in prehistory, they had a permanent settlement so they didn’t need to all of their time hunting for animals because they had their own live stock which meant they could focus their time on other things like treatments and preventitives for illnesses.

Although their religion hindered them from finding out more about the human body, it also helped them. They still learnt about anatomy because they had to embalm the dead to prepare their bodies for the afterlife; the vital organs were taken out and placed in five canobic jars, and the body ...

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