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University Degree: Miscellaneous

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  1. Puerto Rican emigrants to US

    This dilemma brings back the nomadic way of life. The individual traveling from a land of limited resources to where those resources abound. In our times a person is by nature nomadic, but we called it migrant. The migrant: A person moving from their own country to another, usually to work on it on a stable or temporary work.[1] The migration of Puerto Ricans has been linked to economic and social decline since the 1950?s, where nearly half the country left the island for a better future in the North America continent.

    • Word count: 1630
  2. Red and Mark Rothko

    Yet in the documentary film Rothko's Rooms, ironically, Rothko also envisioned his art causing ?the same religious experience as I had when I painted them? (Rooms). It seems that, according to Rothko himself, what a viewer sees in a painting or what emotions the painting evokes has no bearing on the painting itself. These emotions within the admirer of art are often placed upon the art itself as a way to define the art. However, Rothko might argue that one is not able to define his paintings any more than one might be able to objectively define a human being (Rothko 63).

    • Word count: 1371
  3. Graded unit : Impact of Zumba on womens participation levels in sport.

    Zumba classes run weekly within the centre however due to high demand there are a few classes that run within the village. All women attending the Zumba and Aerobic classes were more than happy to complete my questionnaires. All 30 questionnaires originally gave out were completed within the centre and collected 2 weeks later by the investigator. Overall 15/15 of the questionnaires issued to Zumba participants were female and 14/15 of the questionnaires issued to non-Zumba participants (Aerobic's only participants)

    • Word count: 1380
  4. Determining vitamin C content in Orange Juice

    25 25 25 25 Initial volume of iodine(ml) 20.8 0.01 13.25 18.65 Final volume of iodine (ml) 37.1 13.25 18.65 25.90 Total volume of iodine used (ml) 17.7 13.24 5.40 7.25 Table 3. Raw experimental data derived from titration of orange juice and iodine & calculated data resulting from experiment. Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Molarity of standardized iodine (M) 0.0037 0.0037 0.0037 0.0037 Volume of iodine used (L) 0.0177 0.0132 0.0054 0.007 Amount of iodine (mol)

    • Word count: 2086
  5. 'Pamela' as an epistolory novel

    There are various types of novels that have evolved over the ages like Types of Novels Adventure Novel Allegorical Novel Autobiographical Novel Children's Novel Christian Novel Detective Novel Mystery Novel Dystopian Novel Epistolary Novel Erotic Novel Fantasy Novel Gothic Novel Graphic Novel Historical Novel Multicultural Novel Novella Pastoral Novel Picaresque Novel Postmodern Novel. Psychological Novel Regional Novel Romance Novel Science Fiction Sentimental Novel Spy Novel Utopian Novel Western Novel Thriller Novel The Epistolary novel The word epistolary novel comes from the Latin word epistola, meaning a letter.

    • Word count: 2962

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