Life Experiences at ELRI Program

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Life Experiences at ELRI Program

If there is anything about life that bewilders me the most, it is its simplicity. Life buds from anywhere there is energy and spirit, it does not need any support to grow and it prospers in spite of all the complexities around it. Life is a form of hope and faith, it breeds on that, and that is the only support system it requires to grow. It is as carefree as a green leaf swaying in the wind, as humble as the ground beneath us, as delicate as a flower bud, as strong as the mountains and as clear and transparent as the sky.

What I have mentioned must have shocked us by now because we have heard the opposite of this all our lives. That life is a trick played on us by God, a maze that we try to figure out all our lives, and I do not disagree to any of that. It is a trick indeed; something as simple and plain as life seems to surround the world’s greatest optical illusion around it, it appears complicated to the most of us! It is a maze, in fact the most confusing one, but we often forget to enjoy the journey. We are trying to solve something that is not meant to be solved, but experienced. However, it is not a maze created by God, it is a way in the woods that we carve ourselves.

ELRI helped me reaffirm my belief in the simplicity of life. It took me to a corner of the world where good energy and spirit promoted the life around it, the mountains spoke to me of the strength the human spirit held and the lake showed me the huge expanse of life, undisturbed by the ripples created by the wind or the dead leaves falling in it, serene and calm as nothing else, because it felt ornate with all of them.

ELRI taught me a lesson that in turn brought me closer to my meaning of life again. The facilitators showed me how my biggest fears, the pain that I had been running away from, the world that I found so tough and cold – all of this was really my own creation. And, just by the simple act of sharing and introspecting, one could get over all of them.

ELRI showed me how the problems I felt were arduous could really be solved by getting to the core of them. The empty core that held nothing, no pain, no joy, plain neutrality covered messily with the thick layers of fear, sorrow, hurt and pain – this program helped me break this shell made of long years of calcification of all this malice with love, warmth and forgiveness – the three simple things that we are all capable of.

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ELRI gave me the clarity to understand yet again that life is indeed simple, it is just the baggage of unnecessary things that we carry which makes it so difficult for us to move ahead.

I would divide this essay into two small chapters of experiences, with a title that summarizes the learning that came from these lessons, unknowingly taught to me by the participants, facilitators, and the nature during ELRI.

  1. “Dreams are like paints in the hands of an artist, you envision and paint with them on the canvas of life. When you’ve painted one, ...

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