Sexual Harassment

        Discrimination can take many forms, which can occur through words and/or actions. Sometimes discrimination is obvious, but other times, it is harder to see. Actions or words that are unwelcome or hostile can be considered harassment. For example, if a co-worker tells a racist joke in a work setting, he or she is committing racial harassment. If a teacher makes sexual comments or advances towards a student, the teacher is committing sexual harassment. After analyzing the information I have collected about physical, verbal, and sexual harassment, I strongly believe it is wrong, and should no be tolerated anywhere at anytime.

        One type of harassment that is found throughout the world is physical harassment. This means one has found a behavior to be aggressive, offensive, threatening, or disturbing. The United States Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, prohibiting discrimination at work on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, and sexual preference. Many types of harassment include bullying, psychological harassment, racial harassment, religious harassment, sexual harassment, police harassment, stalking, mobbing, hazing, and backlash. Harassment is a crime. In some cases, if proven, harassment can be a gross misdemeanor or felony. The harasser may not intend for the conduct to make the victim feel uncomfortable, intimidated, or fearful. Regardless of the motivation of the conduct, it disrupts the victim’s life and may threaten his or her safety. Although harassment is extremely frustrating to deal with and can be difficult to prove in court, if there is sufficient evidence, you can get a restraining order against the offender.

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        Another type of harassment that is common worldwide is verbal harassment. Verbal harassment is unwanted verbal comments which make a person feel bad or unsafe.

Almost everyone has heard of, of known, someone who has been verbally abused. Verbal abuse is often more difficult to see since there are rarely any visible scars. It is often less visible scars simply because the abuse may take place in private. In public, the victim is with one person. While in private, the abuser may become a completely different person. Normally, the perpetrator of verbal abuse is male and the victim is ...

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