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Environmental Impact Assesment

Extracts from this document...


1.0 Introduction Knox community college is a co-educational institution located in Spalding, Jamaica It operates four campuses, namely, Spalding, Cobbla, May Pen and Mandeville. The College started with three academic programs: Pre-university Arts and Sciences, Secretarial Studies and Farm Management. Today, there are over fifty (50) programs in a variety of subject areas such as Continuing Education, Pre-University, Paraprofessional, Vocational, and offering Certificates, Diplomas, associate and Bachelors Degrees. There are thirty departments and sections with closely structured teams. Each team has a department or Sectional head. The Vice -principal is the Academic dean. Knox Community College is the fastest growing community College in Central Jamaica, and probably one of the fastest growing in the island. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture accorded Knox Class A. Knox is regarded as a student - centered institution which is geared to meet the educational needs of all students regardless of academic or socio-economic status. Spalding Campus is the original site of Knox Community College. It was founded in 1975 as part of the Knox Complex of Schools, and culminated the vision of the late Rev. Lewis Davidson, founder of Knox to provide education for the people of the surrounding communities and parishes "from the cradle to the grave". The campus has a cafeteria which is used by the sporting department for a number of events such as table tennis, badminton etc. this however impedes on the dinning area as student are at an inconvenience. With this in mind it was proposed that a gym no thorium be established adjacent to the cafeteria to exuviate the problem. The board sought the advice of the National Environmental and Planning Agency which advised that an Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A) ...read more.


These affected fauna will have to migrate to other area for which the can adapt. The adjacent flora will also be affected as leaves will be covered with dust hence affecting photosynthesis. It must also be noted that land usage is of major benefit to the social environment. 4.2.2 Building Construction: The construction of the Gym no Thorium will involve the permanent erection of a concrete structure which involves the incorporation of all the resources necessary to construct the building. There is an expected minor adverse effect on public health and the adjacent flora and fauna. Due to the continuous use of cement and aggregates dust will be generated thus affecting neighbouring personnel's with respiratory illness. The social environment will gain employment thus making this process moderately beneficial. 4.2.3 Material Storage: Entails the appropriate storage of aggregates and other resources. Sand, marl etc. particles are fine thus when the wind blows particulates will travel via the wind. This will moderately affect persons with respiratory illness thus also moderately affect public health. Marl is soluble in water hence when the rain falls it will filter through soil affect its structure and drainage. Flora and fauna will have a minority adverse effect. 4.2.4 Drainage Construction: this will result in the irreversible commitment of land resources hence a loss in alternate option for land use since drainage will be permanent along with the structure. There would be a minor adverse effect on air quality, flora and fauna since the construction will entail aggregate use and some amount of digging will also contribute to the dust. At risk person such as those with respiratory illness will be affected also but only with minor adversity. ...read more.


Extensa Calotropis Procera Triumfetta semitrileba Mucuna pruries Mimosa Pudica Leonotis nepetifolia 75% 15% 3% 1% 5% 10% Quadrant 5 Brachiaria Milk Weed Bur-weed Susumber Christmas Candlestick Brachiaria Extensa Calotropis Procera Triumfetta semitrileba Solamum stramoniifolum Leonotis nepetifolia 85% 6% 5% 4% 10% Quadrant 6 Brachiaria Christmas Grass Velvet Bur Susumber Shame o'lady Broom Weed Brachiaria Extensa Themeda orguens Priva Lappulacea Solamum stramoniifolum Mimosa Pudica Sida Acuta 70% 10% 2% 3% 4% 1% Birds found in the area Common Name Scientific Name Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis White wing Zenaida osiatica Bald pate Columba leucocephate Grass quit Coereba flaveole Old man bird Soorothera vetula Cling-Cling Quiscalus niger Trees in the area Common Name Scientific Name Waterman Spathodea campunulata sp Trumpet tree Cervopia Peltata Butterflies Common Name Scientific Name Jamaican Sulphur Eurema nise Dusky Wing Gesta gesta Questionnaire Conducting an investigation on the matter of constructing a Gym-No-Thorium (gym and auditorium) on the grounds of the Knox Community College (Spalding Campus). Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. 1. Gender? ?male ?female 2. What is your age? ------------------------ 3. What is your current status? ? Administrator ? Student ? Ancillary 4. How long have you bin at Knox? ?1-2yrs ?2-3yrs ?3yrs ?4yrs 5. Do you play sporting games? ? Sometimes ? Always ? not at all 6. What games do you play? ? Table tennis ? Badminton ? Volley Ball 7. Is the cafeteria an ideal area for Rocket and table sports? ? Yes ? No Why_____________________________. 8. Would you appreciate a Gym-no-thorium? ? Yes ? No ? Maybe 9. What opening hours are convenient to you? ? 8-10 am ? 12-2 pm ? 4-6 pm ? all day. 10. Which do you prefer Board or Concrete flooring? ? Board ? Concrete 9. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Environmental Sciences section.

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