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University Degree: Physics

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  1. Investigation into the relationship between the length of a wire and the resistance

    This is what the preliminary work seemed to show. Plan * Set the apparatus up as show above. The masking tape hold the wire as taut as possible, so the wire does not have kinks or bends which make the wire appear shorter than it actually is. * Connect two probes to a multi-metre and set it to measure ohms (the unit of resistance). * First hold the probes together to measure the resistance in them this number can be subtracted from the results to leave the actual resistance of the wire.

    • Word count: 1903
  2. Graphical Analysis of Motion

    In this experiment, it is aimed to interpret the different motion graphs through its theoretical explanation and the actual act of doing the motion, done in the graph matching. Along with the graph interpretation is the mathematical computation of the gradients of the graphs: the velocity and the acceleration. This experiment was done through the aid of a motion detector, which detects objects at a range of 30o and with an interface that allows the user to

    • Word count: 711

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