5 year old Child case study.

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Child Case Study B

Case B is a five-year-old child who is in Reception class and has been attending Hague primary school since Nursery. And has a free school meal He was born in England his parents are separated and visits dad on weekends he has a varied home life goes out and about and obviously talks to his mother about what he has seen and done.

Using a language development chart case B is age appropriate he is able to do many of the things expected of a 66 months (5yearold) such as he is able to count to ten and will know tomorrow, today, yesterday, also be able describe common objects in terms of use (hat shoe chair) and know his name. Using Piaget s stages of cognitive development case B is at the intuitive phase. Expected of a child between 4 and 7years He plays with    another child, he remembers names of people .He can follow the rules of a game. Case B is working within the foundation stage stepping stones levels with some areas of his development already reaching early learning goals.

He has good listening skills and is confident when speaking to small and large groups of children he participates well in discussions in class he has learnt his letter sounds and is using this knowledge to read and write simple words. Case B has good early number skills he recognise numbers up to 20 and is starting to order these numbers correctly he can find one more or less than a number and is beginning to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.

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With his personal social and emotional development case B becomes very involved in activities persists on at an activity of his choosing and takes appropriate risks also interested and excited to learn is confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and speak in a familiar group during our class topic of Judaism he showed interest and desire in cultural and religious differences he also forms good relationships with adults and peers works as part of a group or class taking turns and sharing fairly he is able  to express needs and feelings in an appropriate way e.g. will say if ...

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