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University Degree: Anthropology

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  1. Identity Culture and Power - Cop Culture

    A very closed shop environment, which is hard to penetrate. Police cop culture has created a set of values and beliefs, which in many ways reflect those of a wider society from which they come. The major population of the police force is taken from working class and the lower middle class persons, who make up the bulk of the population. So it can be seen generally that the views actions and opinions of this segment of society will generally reflect that of a wider society.

    • Word count: 2031
  2. Culture, in sociology and social anthropology, is the beliefs, behavior, language, and entire way of life of a particular group of people at a particular time.

    Judgment of what is wrong right or wrong, good or bad, acceptable or taboo are based on cultural values. Culture is the result of all the daily discussions and negotiations between people. They are frequently agreeing (sometimes openly, usually tacitly) about the 'proper' way to do things and how to make meanings about the events of the world around them. If you want to change a culture you have to change all these conversations-or at least the majority of them. Sources: 1 http://www.olemiss.edu/courses/psy561/lect0_files/frame.htm 2 "Culture Defined," Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000. 1993-1999 Microsoft Corporation. 3People learn culture. Many qualities of human life are transmitted genetically--an infant's desire for food, for example, is triggered by physiological characteristics determined within the human genetic code.

    • Word count: 2534
  3. Using the seven characteristics of community life outlined by Beatson, describe and analyze a group you are familiar from reading or first hand experience.

    Some may well have identified with that fact. Once a number of the Wanganui East suburb residents started using the pool a smaller Swimming Community began to develop. The individuals that were using the pool at this point were an aggregate. They may have shared common traits but did not necessarily inter relate as a group. Tyson (1998 2nd edition pp4) gives an example of an example of a number of people in a doctor's waiting room as an aggregate, the general public using a public swimming pool is certainly another example of an aggregate from which the Wanganui East Swimming Club was to originate from From the users of the pool, (the aggregate)

    • Word count: 2380
  4. To what extent can human cooperative and social behaviour be explain by the selfish gene theory?

    Sachs et al (2004) define human cooperative behaviour as an interaction which involves more than one person where costs and benefits may be incurred by either both or one member in the exchange. Cooperative behaviour may benefit both parties where the benefit from the actions of both exceeds the cost of performing that action which makes the cooperation one of mutual gain, this is known as mutualism (Griffin, Gardner & West, 2006; Gardner & West, 2004). In this type of interaction the genes of both organisms would have an increased chance of survival and therefore from the perspective of the

    • Word count: 2994
  5. Book Review - The book, Return to Laughter is an ethnographical work of fiction based on the experiences of Laura Bohannan, an American anthropologist who spent time in the African bush living with and studying the Tiv tribe.

    Similar to the reasoning behind undertaking the research, the theoretical and practical impetus of the study is not clearly defined in the text. From the information given, it can be deduced that she is not the first individual to live with and study the Kako homestead and nearby regions (Bowen 1954: 4). It is mentioned that Mr. Sackerton has explained her presence in the homestead by stating a desire to learn the language, and this does come into play throughout the book many times as she persistently practices and improves her knowledge of the language (Bowen 1954: 1).

    • Word count: 2507
  6. Primary research report on an aspect of group identity in football fans.

    Following the method this report will then focus on the data received. It will examine the data and relate the data back to social identity theory. During this stage it will also be critical in the reviewing the data. It will then move on to discussing the data in more detail, what the data means, how the data can be linked to theory and the criticisms that can be used against the data. The report will then conclude by summarizing what the data means, and what has information has been learned from this report.

    • Word count: 2378
  7. Is our consciousness determined by existence or by the social economic aspects of our life?

    This essay will be using the philosophical definition of what consciousness is. A very broad general definition comes from the thefreedictionary.com and states that consciousness is defined as the state or condition of being conscious (thefreedictionary.com). To be move precise, consciousness is a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. The consciousness is the part of the mind that is self-aware. Consciousness also extends to awareness of place within an environment and with the internal working of an individual?s own mind.

    • Word count: 2774

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