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University Degree: Anthropology

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  1. Mothers and Daughters and Body Images

    The influence of the culture and media is accepted rather than challenged. Sexism is blatantly endorsed. The unspoken premise of the book is "Look and act right. Your purpose in life is to attract a man and be happy; do this, and people will see that you love Jesus." Altogether Lovely is a book from a mother to a daughter about how to "be" in this world. The motivation to help teenagers be healthy is admirable and the belief that a mother's relationship with her daughter is of primary importance is accurate.

    • Word count: 3202
  2. Asian Philosophies of Critical Thinking: divergent or convergent to western establishments?

    If critical thinking is clearly presentable in these Asian cultures then why are there still concerns for introducing it to them? This is the question I intend to answer in the latter section "Needham's Grand Question and Fuller's Interpretation." During this section, I would also show that discussions of modern science seem to enable us to see how the tradition of critical thinking arose and how they were promoted or discouraged. I would cover how Asian historical, economic, social and cultural factors have a big influence on their development of critical thinking.

    • Word count: 5645
  3. Tattooed People as Taboo Figures in Modern Society - Tattooed People as Taboo

    Cultural expression is based on how people relate to and express (usually through art and symbolism) the values and standards of their particular society (Kottack, 2000: 480). Whereas, nonverbal communication encompasses many different channels, it is communication "given off" that is, it is nonverbal and relates to the presentation of self and to the impression one desires to make (Goffman, 1959: 29). The following is an overview, briefly introducing the arguments I will present to support my claim. There is a historical precedence for women tattooing, as an ancient practice, it is tied inextricably with human concepts about aestheticism, gender and social identity.

    • Word count: 5693

    31-34), then it could certainly be suggested that Sitting Bull was operating successfully at some, if not indeed all, of these levels. Stanley Vestal's biography Sitting Bull Champion of the Sioux (3rd ed. 1989) approached the character of Sitting Bull by way of the literary method after spending 5 years gathering information for the original edition of the book in 1932. Vestal spent much of his youth living in Indian Territory, playing games with Cheyenne and Arapaho boys and consequently developing what would seem to be an abiding interest in their culture.

    • Word count: 3110

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