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University Degree: Anthropology

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  1. Has globalisation added to or taken away something from our national culture?

    However, as Britain embraces the culture from other countries it no longer has a monoculture and is increasingly multicultural. This globalisation has led to contrasting opinions that the globalisation has added or taken something away from our national culture. One opinion is that globalisation had added to our national culture. This is because the embracing of other cultures can add a lot to our own national culture. This creates a more interesting culture and a nicer environment into which people from other countries who come to Britain to live can be integrated into. As more and more people from different cultures with their own national cultures come into our country, they incorporate aspects of their culture into our culture and so our country becomes increasingly multicultural.

    • Word count: 580
  2. Is popular culture by definition "dumbed down"?

    A popular argument for this is that popular culture is easy to understand and designed for instant pleasure. Unlike works classed as high culture, there is no requirement for people to think long and hard about their meaning to fully understand and appreciate them. Also, by definition popular culture is mainly works from the late 20th century, a time when gaining money is the main objective for many people now, so arguments for popular culture being "dumbed down" look at the fact that it is designed primarily to make money.

    • Word count: 898
  3. Thailand has been known for centuries as Siam and it impressed the world in the 17th century through reports and drawings from Frenchmen who sailed there.

    Ayutthaya Period (1350 - 1767 A.D.); 3) Thonburi Period (1767 - 1782 A.D.); and 4) Rattanakasin Period (1782 - present). During the Sukhothai Period the Thais established small northern states in Lanna, Phayao, and Sukhothai. In 1238 two Thai chieftains created the first independent Thai kingdom - a kingdom that would have a great cultural importance in Thai history. Sukhothai saw the establishment of Theravada Buddhism as the main Thai religion and it was in this period that the first evidence of written Thai was left as well as Thai styles of art such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, and literature.

    • Word count: 4616
  4. Is high culture by definition elitist?

    The people who are in this group or class are the more affluent and powerful and upper class members of society. However, whether this definition makes high culture elitist is a matter of opinion. The definition of high culture can make some people think that high culture is a type of culture which is only available and made accessible to the upper classes and more affluent people in society only. As works that are deemed to be 'high culture' are works that are considered by scholars and critics to be superior to others, many may consider that these works can only be fully understood and appreciated by people who are superior to others.

    • Word count: 777
  5. Examine with reference to language how Attia Hosain presents the feelings of the young wife in her first encounter with western culture?

    When the bride arrives at her new home, she takes care to enter, auspicious right foot first, gently kicking over a strategically placed measure of paddy as an augury of plenty for her new family. Here, however she stumbles against an "unseen doorstep" which is symbolic of a dividing line, the meeting point of east and west. It is the dominant "brightness" of the western culture that bewilders the shy new Indian bride. The brightness is personified and probably shows that rigid customs are not accepted by an emancipated society.

    • Word count: 2488
  6. Discuss the 'four elements' of hip hop. In what ways can they be said to constitute epistemologies?

    The hip hop world began in the Bronx in 1971. The founder of hip-hop was rapper and first break-beat deejay Kool Herc. Soon after, Grandmaster Flash invented scratching; spinning a record back and forth creating a scratching sound. These innovations made by Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa and other like- minded DJs of the era were the spearhead of an underground cultural movement that is now recognized as hip-hop. Just like for graffiti artists, tagging walls wasn't about being self-consciously postmodern, for DJs, breaking wasn't some departure from the norms of soul music, for all for

    • Word count: 2275
  7. Barbara Kingsolves novel The Poinsonwood Bible as an example of post-colonial literature.

    'The church service lasts twice as long now because the Reverend has to say it once in English and then...'.'On a walk one morning our father turned to his daughters and said...' These quotes emphasise this point of distance between Mr.Price and his family. His daughters always address him as 'the Reverend' or 'Father' and never use colloquial, friendly slang such as dad or papa as they do with their mother. This just proves that there are clear elements of respect and even veneration in their father-daughter relationships.

    • Word count: 1989
  8. Legends - A long long time ago in a deserted town called Romberine existed an old woman that liked very much to told stories.

    Romberine began to be famous for its stories, consequently many people from all over the world went there in order to hear them with their own ears. Little by little people spread them and adjusted them to their own cultures. After 10 years every country developed their own adventures and stories that by being told from generation to generation became what we know now as legends. For over a thousand years, storytellers have developed tales, songs and stories twisted and turned over the centuries which defined our expectations of heroism, romance, and adventure, as well as our explanations of the world.

    • Word count: 1403
  9. What do certain stories tell us about American culture? Stories: Jeremy Rodock, My father, The secret life of Walter Mitty & A couple of Hamburgers

    Pioneers rode on their horse into the unknown, founding settlements. In this story, Jeremy Rodock, the pioneer, has started up a ranch in some unknown territory. Pioneers were very important to American culture in the nineteenth and early twentieth century as they expanded American territory from the East to the far Wild West. Without them, the western areas of the USA would not be part of the country. Jeremy Rodock was a typical pioneer of his time, a tough strong man.

    • Word count: 3493
  10. Relationships are necessary for all humans to define and comprehend each other and the world around them. Discuss this quote with reference to the set text (Maestro) and two other texts of your choice.

    This contrasts with the adult Paul's reflections of 'I find it hard to understand how much I came to love the man, to depend on him'. (P13) The contrast in the voice of the young narrator Paul and adult Paul reflect the changes in Paul in terms of understanding himself and Keller through their relationship. His relationship with Keller is also crucial in defining himself, in terms of his musical limitations. Without their relationship, Paul would not have realized he is not as talented as his parents think.

    • Word count: 1648
  11. Do culture and individual beliefs affect logical thinking?

    any logical thinking, this child would grow up believing that what he learned during his childhood is the truth and that he is correct. However in many cases the child would have been brought up with incorrect ideas. As an example, the Indians in the interior of Brazil, are all brought up learning what their parents and tribe members do. From their point of view there are lots of gods and each god has a specific function e.g. god of the rain, god of nature and of the sun.

    • Word count: 1451
  12. The Integration, Cross and Fusion of the Colonial-Christians and Maya Culture in Guatemala.

    the occidental link, represented by the Hispano-Arabic that burst in America at beginning of 16th-century; and (3) the contribution of the African population that where brought by the Spanish. However, in Guatemala it's considered that the popular practice of the Mayan culture has mostly been influenced after the Spanish Conquest. It consists in a syncretism of the occidental culture with the indigenous folklore, where the "nature of ideas, deities, and practices derive from historically distinct traditions become reinterpreted and transformed in situations of a cultural encounter"2. This Mayan syncretism has been debated from two perspectives: (1) this merging took place between the persistence of the indigenous cult and the acceptance of the Spanish-Catholic costumes, and (2)

    • Word count: 2954
  13. T.S Eliot was born in Missouri on September 26, 1888.

    It also provided the foundations of his cultural and historical theories. As the 1920's passed, religion became the key source for Eliot in dealing with personal problems. The last of the "Selected Poems" dealt with reverence, the soul, grace and revelation. Therefore, one can assume that these were 'religious poems'. Eliot, did however, move away from religious themes to a more sordid and revolting kind of poetry, most evident in his "Prufrock and Other Observations" book. This can be further explored through his two poems "Preludes" and "Rhapsody on a Windy Night."

    • Word count: 940
  14. Examine the way in which the culture and expectations of a society influence the lives of an individual in at least 3 stories.

    They have a lot of pride in their family and believe strongly in vengeance that hurt them. The author of this story is famous for horror stories. This is a very b****y and vividly described story about the way the dog 'savagely' tares at the flesh and black pudding. The story is very violent and angry. The writer has created a quite fierce atmosphere of the story by using words and phrases that describe very vividly what the actual event looks like, how the dog is attacking the prey. It is a very effective way to describe and portray what the woman is feeling and thinking.

    • Word count: 2167
  15. Is a truly multicultural society possible?

    Millions, thousands... or at least a few times. People who are from a different culture, or give the impression of being different or even have different set of opinions are often used as scapegoats and come across many stereotypical views of them and teasing by the 'normal' people. Looking diverse on the outer surface, doesn't necessarily mean being different. Nevertheless, a high figure of people portrays it so and then a problem arises. Often the minorities are the ones, which suffer from this misunderstanding.

    • Word count: 1916
  16. In writing "Ah Mah", Shirley Lim has drawn upon her Chinese background to reveal to us how powerfully a culture shapes the ideals and life of its society as an entity and the individuals, be it familial or the single persons.

    In the first stanza, the grandmother's stature is compared to a child of eight. As a child symbolizes weakness and helplessness, the poet has liken her grandmother to the same vulnerable state. By posing a question in the second line, one is invited to contemplate the sort of life the old lady might have led, controlled and manipulated such as that of a child. In the second stanza, the true state of the grandmother is revealed to us. She is "helpless (and)

    • Word count: 1361
  17. Management styles: Democratic, Consultative & Autocratic

    In an organisation with a culture of consultation, there will be a series of mechanisms e.g.: - newsletters, briefings. The structure is likely to be flatter with very good communication channels. There will be a forward-looking culture. Autocratic Management Style: The autocratic management style is one where the manager is used to giving instructions - telling people what to do rather than asking them for their opinions. The manager is the only person contributing to the decision-making process. This style was more typical in the 1970's. A number of managers who have had this approach find it difficult or impossible to change their ways.

    • Word count: 1461
  18. Native Americans - Zitkala -Sa

    "The paleface has stolen our lands and driven us hither. Having defrauded us of our land, the paleface forced us away" (10). You can tell from her mother's comments that she and the white man do not get along and she thinks that all of the Indians problems stemed from the white man and his actions. At only eight years of age, Zitkala-Sa decided to leave her mother and the reservation to attend schooling for Indians. Her mother was not fond of this idea because her older brother was taken away early on in his life and has not been the same since.

    • Word count: 932
  19. The Life of the Tribe

    A religion that is both mysterious and homely is revealed. Its vitality calls upon the sincerity of its followers who support it with a lot of conviction. At the same time, Achebe also informs the reader about life in the tribe, its customs and manners, its government and its administration of justice, its religious rites and beliefs, etc.

    • Word count: 525
  20. "Relationship between reading of Fergusonand Schaefer"

    Values are things that tell us what is good and society like freedom and love. In Non-material cultures there is informal and formal. Informal is usually less serious, but the formal is very serious, because then you would be breaking the law. In breaking the law you will be given sanctions, also if you violate any of the norms. As for the Reinforcing values the most important one of them is story. As we see stories everyday in our lives, an example would be advertisements. Also ritual which are things that shape our events. Another one would also be Rite of passage which happens only once in your life.

    • Word count: 816
  21. "The role of westernization in the undermining of arranged marriages- is that a white dress?"

    In an evaluation of this study, it was found that it had some shortcomings. Namely that the sample was limited to the deacons school sixthform and to Peterborough, my sample was also quite small due to the time restrictions, this means that the study is not representative of all second and third generation Muslim Pakistanis in the UK. Also my study relied upon the participants being completely honest and truthful, but this may not have been the case with all the responses as a result of peer pressure, conformity or the fact that I myself am a Pakistani.

    • Word count: 5327
  22. To what extent are Strinati and Wagg's claims for the importance of popular culture justified?

    Others will disagree with my point of view. That is as they may see High culture under threat or think that popular culture is mindless but that is their opinion. High culture is products, people, creations or buildings that hold high status ie/ Opera (Beethoven, Mozart) the paintings of artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci, buildings such as Cathedrals, Castles and literature by Jane Austen, Shakespeare or John Milton. These types of work are seen as superior as opposed to popular culture, but how can people say that - when soap operas could be seen just as superior or justified by the people who value them?

    • Word count: 877
  23. Culture - Cultural relativism - Ethnocentrism

    (Henslin, 2003, pp40) There are two types of behaviors that are related to the two important concepts examined in this essay---ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Negative attitudes towards other cultures and/or ethnic groups arise out of ethnocentrism, while positive attitudes are the result if a culturally relativist approach. Relativism usually means not judging others' ways and accepting them as equal to our own. The aim is to obtain a certain degree of "understanding" or "empathy" with the foreign norms and cultures.

    • Word count: 769
  24. Japanese Gestures

    Men bow with their hands held at their sides, palms facing inward. Women bow with their hands crossed in front of them. For a colleague, friend or laborer you would bow down to 15 degrees. You are needed to bow down to 45 degrees when aquatinted with a person of high status. This gesture was originally shown to the emperors. For example, Emperor Hirohito's subjects would kneel down and bow, and not even make eye contact. All this was done to show respect. Now however, through internationalization a simple bow is done.

    • Word count: 912
  25. Mothers and Daughters and Body Images

    The influence of the culture and media is accepted rather than challenged. Sexism is blatantly endorsed. The unspoken premise of the book is "Look and act right. Your purpose in life is to attract a man and be happy; do this, and people will see that you love Jesus." Altogether Lovely is a book from a mother to a daughter about how to "be" in this world. The motivation to help teenagers be healthy is admirable and the belief that a mother's relationship with her daughter is of primary importance is accurate.

    • Word count: 3202

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