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Book review. Exploring Disability; Author BARNES, C et al. The book was written in a sociological view about how disabled people are excluded from the mainstream of economic and social review.

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BOOK REVIEW EXPLORING DISABILIITY; AUTHOR; BARNES, C et al The book was written in a sociological view about how disabled people are excluded from the mainstream of economic and social review. In the introduction, this book revealed how policy makers and politicians in most rich or poor countries come up with legislative frameworks to work with some of the exclusion of people with physical impairment or disability. The book also highlighted some form of studies and increase in the range of academic disciplines which brings out the growth of disability studies, courses and also different journals across different countries. The introduction of the book also reveals the organisations controlled and run by disabled people themselves and the changes stimulated by non-disabled who work within the organisations, for an example Tom Shakespeare. (Hunt 1966, Bowe 1978)There were also Jargons which were used of which I had to take note of as most of them are going to help, me in my second year of my degree programme especially on the unit of Controversial issues in a disabling society. ...read more.


This formation of different policies and organisations helped disabled people in so many accessible ways for them in terms of transport, housing and education. In Chapter One of the book, the author highlighted the sociological imaginations which investigate the everyday life for people with physical impairment. He has fully explained how people are socially excluded from the non- disabled. In the Second chapter, he based hid reviews on key issues that formed the basis for sociological view of disability. The third chapter was based on medical sociology literature, like Chronic Diseases and disability itself under the view of doctors and health service organi0sations.Fourth chapter revealed the disability theories ion acco0unt with social model of disability. It also brings out the affections of people with a disability including their Ethnicity, Gender Race and Sexuality. Finally, on what I have researched, I found out that the author argued on empirical studies based on the exclusion of disabled people from the society. ...read more.


The author used qualitative data collection which he gathered from working with disabled people and he found out that a certain percent of unemployed disabled people was due to them not having educational qualifications. He also collected the data from the Department of (EmploymentGazette, 1995) of which 83%of disabled people where low paid. EVALUATION This book is related to Social change and is of interest tome because I am actually working on an assignment written by Tom Shakespeare, which has an empirical research and I also know about the topic because it involves my personal skills. It was edited by three authors and the books used some jargons which some of them had to look up in the other book written by Tom Shakespeare, to find out what they stand for. The book is very useful to read for students of social change, as it covers different models of disability based on sociology, social policy and cultural context. ?? ?? ?? ?? TENDAI SAMVURA ...read more.

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