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Candidate Evaluation Essay: Barbara Boxer Democrat Senator for California.

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Houssian Jenna Houssian Political Science 2244E November 2, 2010 Candidate Evaluation Essay: Barbara Boxer On November 2, 2010, the citizens of California will make a decision that will strongly affect their state. Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina are vying for a seat in the Senate to represent the state of California. Holding this seat since 1992 is Barbara Boxer, an experienced politician who is willing to fight everyday for the rights of American citizens. Boxer was elected to the House of Representatives in 1982 and later to the Senate in 1992, being reelected in 1998 and 2004. While running for her third consecutive term in office, Boxer received the highest vote total for any Senate candidate in the history of the United States, further exemplifying her dedication, determination and relationship with the citizens of California.[1] Barbara Boxer helped to bring overseas profits back to America by supporting and securing a tax incentive; Invest in the USA Act will reduce the corporate tax rate for a one-year period if the funds were to be reinvested in the United States. Boxer fought for funding for community police and the Economic Development Agency, which will stimulate job creation in economically distressed areas of the state. The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, backs Boxer stating that he is optimistic because he knows ?there are people like Barbara Boxer and the Senate who?s fighting to change this senate for the better; Having Barbara Boxer as subcompact senator, passionate about fighting for jobs, clean energy reform and greet jobs ...read more.


Boxer believes that ?small businesses are the major job creators in our economy?.[10] 65% of California?s new jobs stemmed from small businesses in the last 15 years. [11]In 2006, there were 3.4 million small businesses in California and two years prior, 87.6% of the state?s net new jobs were created from small businesses.[12] Teaming up with Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon, Boxer helped write the legislation, Bank on Our Communities Act of 2009. This allocates up to 15 billion dollars to help recapitalize banks in the California community with the stipulation that it is used to restart lending to small businesses. This bill also allows tax breaks to encourage expansion. The correlation between the small business market and the unemployment rate is quite large. By Barbara Boxer taking initiative to increase lending and borrowing, these small businesses will in turn, create jobs naturally resulting in a steadily decreasing unemployment rate. Aside from increasing lending to these small businesses, Barbara Boxer is also promoting growth for these very businesses in local communities. The Economic Development Administration helps to promote various private sector jobs in economically underprivileged communities. Job creation is encouraged through both local and state governments, post-secondary institutions and other public and private units. Senator Boxer is working to pass legislation that will reauthorize this bill in 2013. This will also help decrease the large unemployment rate California has found itself in. Boxer, with the help of Senator Merkley, is also working on jumpstarting small business growth. ...read more.


Barbara Boxer?s platform focuses heavily on the economy, one of the most important areas of interest to the citizens of California. Striving to get out of a 13 billion dollar deficit and 12.4% unemployment rate, Boxer is working at strengthening California?s economy by bringing jobs back to California, helping with small business expansion and creating a clean energy hub. To do this, Senator Boxer plans on creating and sustaining more jobs the United States, providing initiatives to small businesses to reduce their start-up expenditures and to turn California into the hub of clean energy reform. Yes, Barbara Boxer has held this seat for two terms and although her opponent believes that no significant progress has been made, this is quite the opposite. Her methods to bring clean energy reform to California may seem extreme, but in today?s day and age, with the state of global warming where it is, extreme measures are what are needed. Senator Boxer?s stimulus may be seen as expensive and an unnecessary expense but without it, 8 million more jobs would have been lost, further hurting the California economy. When looking both the positives and negatives of Barbara Boxer, it is a clear choice that Boxer is doing the right thing. Boxer is an experienced politician who is consistently fighting for Californians; but this cannot happen overnight. With Boxer?s previous senatorial experience and knowledge, it is very possible that under the Obama Administration, Made in America will once again become a reality. ...read more.

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