: Critically analyse the ways in which the figure of the dangerous youth is produced in the mediascape

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Teen violence is a serious and rapidly growing problem. Youth crime is a major problem all over the world on society, especially in America and UK.

Children growing up in what today’s media are viewing they are learning all the wrong things at all the wrong times. Crime can become a way of life to young people. They look up to drug dealers, admire rock stars, and imitate robbers. Television, the media, and music are all distorting the rules of society, and are the most influential things in a youths' life. Instead of what would have been, back in the 80's, an innocent game of catch with their fathers, children are inside watching a murderer blow up thousands of people.

Now back 10 years ago parents were one of the top influences in a child’s life, now in the present day there is something bigger and more influencing in today’s youth. Media. It’s everywhere, T.V., Radio, Movies and Video games, and violence, sex, drugs and crime are what help media sell the most. Now that’s a sick to think about, but very true. Media is such a broad topic that we chose to narrow down to what we felt are the most influencing on today’s youth. Television and Video Games. Things that wouldn’t be your number one guess on where your child is learning things, but are two of the highest concerns society has for its children, and the numbers are increasing dramatically. Violence always has played a major role in entertainment in our society. But in recent years there has been more, leading to higher violence crime rates. There is now solid evidence to suggest a relationship between exposure to violent television and movies and aggressive behavior. Researchers have found that children are more physically aggressive immediately after watching violent televisions. A few studies have found that exposure to television and movie violence in childhood is related to increased aggression years later, but further research is needed in this area.

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Parents are the biggest influence on a child being that they can control every aspect of their lives, from TV shows to their friends. Parents have to start teaching their children from a very early age what life is all about. They need to learn how humans are acting and about the pain and suffering that violence causes. When parents do not raise their children right a lot of bad things can happen. Children might not learn how to control their frustration and anger, and using violence to solve their problems. The roots of violence may be found in many ...

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