Critically discuss the idea that families should be the main providers of welfare

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Critically discuss the idea that families should be the main providers of welfare

Before discussing the idea it is important to understand that what is social welfare? Generally, Social welfare refers to the number of planned services of volunteers and governments that improve the welfare of individuals, groups, or societies.”Similarly, A social welfare system is a program that offers help to needy individuals and families. The types and amount of welfare available to individuals and families are different in different country or region

It has been argued at several places that families should be the main providers of welfare in society. However, it has been criticized by many socialists. As they believe that social welfare is not the responsibility of families. In fact, government is accountable for protecting people from unsafe products and adverse environmental conditions. Health, safety and welfare laws must be passed be the courts of the country. Citizens are those that elect their leaders so they solve their social problems after coming into power. That is the main reason why the government should be responsible for the welfare of its citizens. For instance, the general welfare clause has been used by many countries to promote the well-being of the citizens. The  clause is a section of the , which states that the government should promote the general  of the people. In some countries, the clause has been used as a basis for legislation promoting the wellbeing, security, values of the people. Similarly, the government must defend and encourage a flourishing social segment to facilitate miscellaneous wellbeing needs. Government should accomplish its welfare liability in part by endorsing the work of nongovernment organizations (NGOs), which are close to the needs and devoted to alleviating them.

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The government should introduce different policies that promote welfare. For instance, some of the welfare programs that governing body can exercise are:

  • Short-term help for Needy Families
  • Child Support
  • Benefits for Immigrants
  • Medicaid
  • The Child Nutrition Programs
  • The Food Stamp Program

Some studies claim, government is not a direct provider of public welfare in fact, welfare is coordinated with those policies that government designed to solve the social issues of the society. For instance, policies to reduce the inflation, poverty, corruption, unemployment are indirectly related to the welfare. Therefore, we can conclude that ...

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