Critically explore some of the issues that should be considered when conducting research in social science

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Critically explore some of the issues that should be considered when conducting research in social science???

Research with children and young people is essential as it can improve the understanding of how they develop and live their lives, also it can add to academic debates and theories, and its outcomes can impact directly and indirectly on the lives of others in similar situations.“Data about children can only be understood by studying children”(Ross,1998:97) The best way to support the expansion of children’s studies for children is to enrol them fully in the research process. (Oakley, 1994: 26).Over the years, there has been rapid rise in research with children and young people and the increased respect and demand  for children’s views and outlook in the society alongside the concern about ethics in social science when implementing the research Kellett (2010). Lansdown(1994)  also supports this argument by stating that we do have a culture of listening to children . The chosen topic for this essay is issues that are to be considered when researching children and young people and vulnerable groups. The Relevant issues when researching with children includes ethics, consent, the legal structure, power relations and methodology. It is essential to consider and address issues appropriately.

Social science research involved the collection, exploration and reporting of information about people and societies.(Yates 1998,p.3) .There are several number of issues to consider when conducting research in social science according to Alderson& Morrow(2007) like privacy and confidentiality, the right selection of participants, consent and the impact the research has on children. Research with children usually tend to emphasis on ethics which

moral issue that influence the methodology used governed by the code of practises ( France et al., 2000) as well as the issues of informed consent and confidentiality (Sieber, 1982) Participants might be harmed as a result of their participation as many vulnerable groups tend to experience distress when talking about their  painful experience that happened in their past.(Cooper,1999). The possible harms may include death stress, guilt, reduction in self-respect or self-esteem, unfair treatment, withheld benefits, and slight distress..(Cooper,1999).

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Relationships with others may be damaged through research (Drake ,2011). One of the main problem in research in social science is that children’s views and opinions are not given much importance and usually there is much large manipulation of the researcher in their research (Miles,2011). This was argued by (Clark et al.2005) he states that children should be seen as’ beings’ whose opinions and understanding are vital in to listen to and not as adults in the making. “Childhood studies research emphasizes the need to recognise children as agents not objects to represent children’s voice and to have children properly ...

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