Demographic trends and how they affect Russia.

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One of the biggest countries in the world, Russia is also one of the leading countries as far as we concern total resource potential. Our country is extremely rich with minerals, is in the lead on reserves of fuel and energy resources. 50% of world potential reserves of coal (only 40% of which are used), 23% of oil reserves, 33% of reserves of natural gas are located in Russia. Besides that Russia is rich with of iron ore, copper, aluminium, nickel and titanic ores. The Far North and Siberia are rich with reserves of diamonds and precious metals. Russia occupies the first place in the world by reserves of chemical raw materials.

But the main reserves of any country, especially concerning the situation all over the world, appear its population. Developing and especially developed countries suffer the aging of population. The problem of labour force stands very sharp. And Russia is not an exception, unfortunately. According to the rating published by RBC.Rating Russia is on the 142th place by the life interval, which 67,66 years on average. (See appendix 1, Table 1)

The statistical results to the end of 2006 showed that the population of the Russian Federation was reduced every year almost to 900 thousand people. A share of those of 65+ years old was 13,7%. It two times exceeded the international standard according to which the nation is considered old. As a result for one thousand of working people there were 276 children and 323 pensioners, and it can fatally affect the national economy. Experts consider that the main cause of demographic crisis is high death rate.

Statistical review

Before considering major trends of the demographic situation in Russia it is worth observing the data of the previous years. Here is the statistical information concerning demographic situation in our country for the last three years.

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According to the Federal Agency of the state statistics of the Russian Federation the demographic situation in Russia for 2007 was as follows. Population of Russia for January-September, 2007 has decreased by 199,9 thousand people (by 0,14%) and by October, 1st it was 142 million people. For January-September, 2006 the country population has decreased by 438,9 thousand people. Population reduction in 2007 occurred because of its natural decrease (which was 378,9 thousand people) the rates of which at the same time were reduced in comparison with the similar period of 2006 by 155,1 thousand people. The rate of migration ...

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