Did the NHS 1990 and Community Care Reforms improve or worsen the provision of health and social care in Britain?

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 Did the NHS 1990 and Community Care Reforms improve or worsen the provision of health and social care in Britain?

National Health Service was created to provide a free healthcare service for everyone, based on need and not ability to pay. During its existing years, the NHS was highly criticized, especially of the costs and its financial difficulties. The financial crisis let to changes in structure over and over again, as well as organization over the service. The Governments attempts to improve the effectiveness of the service resulted in advantages and disadvantages alike (Birchenall, Birchenall, 1998). This essay will look at the NHS 1990 and Community Care Reforms and the impact it had on health and social care provision.

Since the beginning of National Health Services (NHS) in 1948, Governments made a lot of attempts to change and improve health services in Britain. However, the biggest reform was seen when The Conservatives came into government and had been forced to review health care costs as economic crisis were still rising (Moon, Gillespie, 1995). The Conservatives with leader Thatcher, as a prime minister, encouraged the private market with expectations to reduce public expenditure. The New Right ideology believed that the private sector would relieve pressure on the NHS, while reducing the danger of the NHS domination in employment and provision (Leathard, 2000). Even though government introduced new changes, by the time Thatcher won the third general elction in the 1987, NHS was in financial crisis (Carrier, Kendal, 1998). Even though the evidence showed that NHS cash spending had increased, the health service was seriously underfunded. Health Authorities were overspedning their budget before the end of the financial year, which resulted in closing wards. By the 1987, 4000 beds had been closed, including some intensive care facilities for children (Carrier, Kendal, 1998). As the criticism grew, in 1988 Thatcher announced the NHS review.  As the consequence the White Paper ‘Working for Patients’ was published in January 19989.

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The White Paper covered a wide range of proposals, which included change in the structure and management of health authorities, proposal of extension of the Resource Management Innitiative (Baggott, 2004). Most importantly, the White Paper led to reforms in internal market. Following the idea of Professor Enthoven, the government estabileshed divisions between purchasers and providers and resulted in NHS and Community Care Act (1990).

One of the key issues in development of health care is NHS and Community Care Act 1990, which estabilished the way how health and community care are appointed in the UK. It changed the way how ...

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