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Gun Control. In this paper, the author will discuss the magnitude of gun control regulation its implementation; and the impact it has on American culture and values. For the sake of argument, guns are not criminals, people who use guns are; and

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Crime is inevitable, and its history dates back to the beginning of creation. American culture is a "cops and robbers" society, and firearms play an important role in American history and continues to play a defining role in shaping American values. Similarly, the media implies guns influence crime and violence. However, speculation and much debate suggest that the government is impartial to the laws of gun control. Stringent laws mandate the regulation of gun distribution, examination, and utilization in this country. In this paper, the author will discuss the magnitude of gun control regulation - its implementation; and the impact it has on American culture and values. For the sake of argument, guns are not criminals, people who use guns are; and rigid gun control statutes is America's intervention to prevent firearms from being abused. The Second Amendment states: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." According to The Right to Bear Arms (1999), the Supreme Court defines the Second Amendment as giving states the right to maintain a militia separate from a federally controlled army. It does not recognize an unconditional right for an individual to own firearms, nor has any lower court so ruled.. In 2008 for the first time in history guns were favorable to individuals who carry them. In the case of the District of Columbia v. ...read more.


The VPC supports passage of a Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act that would end the exemption of firearms from federal health and safety regulations. Under such legislation, the secretary of the treasury gives the authority to regulate the design, manufacture, and distribution of firearms and ammunition (Gun Control, 2003). With the many gun control acts in place one may inquire how guns continue to get into the hands of criminals. Gun control when examined on a political level, does an exceptional job in crime intervention. Nonetheless, like with all laws, American citizens choose to follow or ignore the law. For example, recently a television show aired a distraught husband taking a vengeful approach with mourning the loss of his wife. The husband in a vengeful rage went to the hospital and began to fire on surgical and hospital staff, blaming them for the death of his wife. In addition, the husband mentioned how easy it was to purchase his 9mm pistol at a superstore. Although, this story is fiction, it correlates with many American news stories. Following gun control protocols (i.e. licensure requirements, criminal background checks, etc.) most Americans are capable of purchasing a firearm; however, what they choose to do with the gun is what threatens our communities. In combination with penal codes, and judiciary laws, individuals and families receive justice against criminals who abuse the law. This is further explained in a study done by Kellermann, Somes, Rivara, et al (1998). ...read more.


Despite aggressive efforts; however, the NRA has not been able to get very far in extending conceal-and-carry laws to America's taverns and college campuses. The resistance from the states is reasonable and illustrates the case for gun regulation. Alcohol and lethal weapons such as guns pose too much of a danger to society when mixed, and they should not be. Police worry that if students arm themselves, law enforcement will not be able to tell the difference between students on a rampage or students trying to defend themselves. . In conclusion, in terms of gun control, historical representation takes a dychotomic approach. Americans are either for or against guns. Although gun control makes a strict effort to restrict criminals, and/or certain citizens the right to bear arms, it does not prevent the inevitable. The media (movies, books, news, music, art, etc.) glamorizes guns and consequently, the need/want for guns is a staple in most American homes. Guns may never be outlawed or banned. However, America may begin to see rigorous laws continue to counteract other existing laws. America culture, at this time, has a fascination with firearms. People utilize guns in many forms: self-defense, carry-concealed, sportsmanship, law enforcement, etc. The gun itself is manufactured with a sole purpose in mind: to be fired. When examining the manufacturing and utilization of firearms gun control is proactive with ensuring safeguards are in place. Nevertheless, when guns are misused, and/or get into the hands of criminals, the gun gets a bad reputation. Nonetheless, it is important to remember, blame and fault lies within the individual not in an inanimate object. ...read more.

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