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University Degree: Human & Social Geography

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  1. Mighty Chalkdust, has sung ah want me grandfather back pay. Support Chalkdusts call for reparation for the enslavement of Blacks in the Caribbean

    TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STUDENT ID By signing this declaration, you are confirming that the work you are submitting is original and does not contain any plagiarised material. I confirm that this assignment is my own work, and that the work of other persons has been fully acknowledged. SIGNATURE DATE GROUP PLAGIARISM DECLARATION When submitting a group assignment for assessment each member of the group will be required to sign the following declaration of ownership which will appear on the coursework submission sheet.

    • Word count: 2310
  2. The Effects of the One Child Policy in China

    Nevertheless, as a consequence of the Great Leap Forward ? a program that was initially designed to push China into industrialization had the opposite effect. Abnormal droughts and floods reduced food production, causing the deaths of many people. Yet, due to improvements made in the medical services, China?s population continued growing. Demographers predicted that the population would reach up to 1.5 billion by the year 2000, resulting in a strain in resources. Terrified of hurting the economic gain that came over the last few decades, politicians? thought about pushing family planning measures.

    • Word count: 2560
  3. Discuss why food security situation in Zimbabwe is worse off than it was in the first decade from 1980 to 1990.

    The most staple grains used included maize, which contributed over 70% of the calorie requirements. Maize production then started to decline from the year 2000 to date, whilst similar trends occurred in wheat production as well. This decline was probably due to the displacement of white commercial farmers who had irrigation infrastructure for agriculture production especially wheat. Increase production in the 1980s was due to improved technology and improved agricultural services to smallholder sector. The smallholder sector increased production and accounted for 60% of the marketed maize output to the GMB(Grain Marketing Board). At the peak of production in 1980, GMB held over 3years of food security reserves and over 8 years supply of small grains.

    • Word count: 2022
  4. Globalisation in India

    As India began its transition into the global economy, it implemented various measures to improve its economic performance. These multidimensional reforms targeted five specific areas; the agricultural sector, industrial sector, trade sector, financial sector and fiscal policies (M. Helen, 2008). Although agricultural sector reforms received less priority than other reforms they remain a major part of the Government?s amendments. The plans focused on improving research, strengthening infrastructure and removing domestic restrictions. Agriculture is one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2010), and provides one of the most lucrative sectors for foreign investment. Yet this sector remains underdeveloped.

    • Word count: 2573

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