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University Degree: Human & Social Geography

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  1. Demographic trends and how they affect Russia.

    A share of those of 65+ years old was 13,7%. It two times exceeded the international standard according to which the nation is considered old. As a result for one thousand of working people there were 276 children and 323 pensioners, and it can fatally affect the national economy. Experts consider that the main cause of demographic crisis is high death rate. Statistical review Before considering major trends of the demographic situation in Russia it is worth observing the data of the previous years. Here is the statistical information concerning demographic situation in our country for the last three years.

    • Word count: 1436
  2. Walking and Parkour, it is evident that while walking as a leisure activity and parkour have some similarities, they are both regarded quite differently in the societies that produced them

    to do this as a pleasure. Individuals from poor and less fortunate backgrounds were restricted from performing this activity as during those times they had little to no time to spare. Prior to this, people who were found, 'walking around' were punished by laws designed to stop this from occurring (Urry 2007:64). Suddenly we have barriers of power between the individual and the government which as will later be discussed is something that the practice parkour cannot relate to as the power was in the hands of those who performed int.

    • Word count: 1761
  3. HIV Among Aboriginal Peopls

    At the end of 2005, there was an estimated 3,600 to 5,100 Aboriginal people living with the disease (Statistics Canada, 2006). There are many reasons that these statistics are staggering and these concepts will be explored along with what needs to be done in order to help fight against this travesty. What is HIV/AIDS? Aids also known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus is caused by the virus HIV which destroys a type of defence cell in the body called a CD4 helper lymphocyte.

    • Word count: 3219
  4. The Flynn Effect: Are we getting more intelligent?

    and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and found that test scores were increasing each decade by up to .06 IQ points per year between 1930 and 1990. The test scores have been continuous and roughly linear from when testing begun to present (Hiscock, 2007). Although Flynn's research has given evidence to support that IQ levels are rising, it is still unclear as to why this is happening. Dramatic increases in IQ levels have proved puzzling to researchers in the field of intelligence, as no explanation has been yet accepted.

    • Word count: 1775
  5. Is Cognitive Therapy an Efficacious Treatment for Depression?

    Similarly, IPT emphasised resolution of interpersonal problems and builded interpersonal skills. However, recent studies have questioned the efficacy of CBT and IPT in treating depression, suggesting that the effectiveness of treating depression with psychotherapies were grossly over estimated and it is not as effective as pharmacotherapy. Therefore, the controversial topic of whether CBT is an efficacious treatment for depression needs to be explored further before a conclusion can be made on how to effective CBT is in treating depression. Efficaciousness Evidence based practice (EBP)

    • Word count: 2393
  6. The Diagnosis, Etiology and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/hyperactivity Disorder from a Neuroscience Perspective

    Therefore, the current essay explores this topic further, comparing both the neuroscientific and the socio-cultural model of ADHD, concluding that while both sides provide valid arguments no consensus has been found yet and further research should be done. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder of childhood onset, which can continue into adulthood, and is characterized by problems with concentration, impulse control and overactivity. The disorder has been extensively studied, with several thousands of peer-reviewed papers in the scientific literature (Brassett-Harknett and Butler, 2005).

    • Word count: 2576
  7. Human Development. There are many aspects to take into consideration when discussing countries that has a high level of human development from others that do not. Some countries have maintained a steady growing development rate while others can`t seem to

    An example of this could be weather issues such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and factors that have to do with disease or outbreaks. This example is at an international level, a level for the whole countries aspect while we look at places with high human development such as the United States or Canada and we see that there are very few places that experience those types of damages. The amount of money a family has can fluctuate the rate of growth in a more family orientated aspect.

    • Word count: 2825
  8. Confucian ethics can help todays businesses succeed

    Also, employees who handle cash transactions accurately on a regular basis can receive an award. Another Confucian ethic that can help a company succeed is loyalty. Loyalty in business means employees are satisfied with their work and with their company and are less likely to leave. This helps the company because it is more costly to hire and train a new employee. To help create company loyalty, I would use promotions and awards to help keep my employees satisfied. Courteousness (Li) is another Confucian ethic that is important in today's business world. Courteousness in business means treating customers with good manners and good service.

    • Word count: 1435
  9. Overview of the Economy of Georgia.

    In the aftermath of the conflict Russia recognized the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. At present only Nicaragua, the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, and the de facto independent republic of Transnistria have followed suit. On August 28, 2008, the Parliament of Georgia passed a resolution declaring Abkhazia and South Ossetia "Russian-occupied territories". Economy Situation: Since early 2000s visible positive developments have been observed in the economy of Georgia.

    • Word count: 605
  10. hana

    • Word count: 890
  11. Migration, Diaspora and Transnationalism. Migration is an aggregation of individual behaviours into the social forms, usually not being explained by a single or constant theory as it is a combinated competing paradigm with trade-offs between differentiat

    The risk minimization approach was built upon the segmented market theory which consists of varies sub-groups and hierachy of labours, with different remuneration or fringe benefits, and it is the decision of migrants to choose where to settle. Another strategy the writer gave is family network in which migrants were settled for generations and the risk of unintended consequences would be minimized. The world system theory, by Immanuel Wallerstein, suggested that migration is driven by the global economy through the expansion of Europe by setting up colonies from fifteen century, and resulting in the recent globalization of transnational corporations.

    • Word count: 1831
  12. American Culture

    No, I wouldn't say. We are very similar to the American culture, but it's still to different things. Even though our cultures are different from each other, America still has an influence on us in Europe. They particularly affect us through the media and when we sit at home and watch television is many of our programs on our TV American series.

    • Word count: 412
  13. I Got the Blues

    But since a TAN provided this information to the public, some viewers may make feeding children in Africa their agenda, too. They can put pressure on their government to increase food aid or enter diplomatic relations with the government of the starving nation. TANs can also directly put pressure on a state to enact a policy change. An example of this is the "boomerang effect," where oppressed individuals in State A who cannot negotiate with their government communicate with an NGO in State B who can put pressure on State B's government to put pressure on State A.

    • Word count: 1896
  14. Different types of commitment in marketing

    On the other hand, online service might make some customer feel more comfortable as they can ignore the aggressive service providers, so if the company does well in the online service, they can also increase the commitment to their customer.Moreover, the traditional service encounters are still preferred because the Internet cannot reproduce all of the pretended social elements (Sauer and Burton.

    • Word count: 1512
  15. China report

    In china there is no strike, no conflict because of the lack of freedom of speech, as a result there is no interruption of production so less unforeseen costs. As we know, China is one of the countries where corruption is the most present, by consequence the country has a bad reputation. Economic evidence suggests that high levels of corruption significantly reduce the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), level of international trade, and economic growth rate. By siphoning off profits, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats reduce the returns to business investment and, hence, reduce the incentive of both domestic on foreign businesses to invest in that country.

    • Word count: 2950
  16. Social Exclusion

    There has even been a recent study in the United Kingdom (UK) which came up with the shocking result, that the majority of crimes are committed by people who are not being welcomed and accepted by their society, i.e. being socially excluded (UKSEU, 2001). Yet, social exclusion can strike anyone. Having an on-going and constantly improving technology as well as economic welfare, people are persistently undergoing change. These adjustments promote people but in tandem leave others behind. Humans who belong to the less privileged faction or minority social groups are though often found to be more assailable of facing social segregation.

    • Word count: 1401
  17. Gender differentials in the allocation of education have a marked effect on household income and welfare. Discuss with reference to Sub-Saharan Africa.

    but rather by lessening the costs and other disincentives associated with female education through a proper understanding of the obstacles of local cultural, institutional and economic conditions. If one looks at the targets of universal primary education set at various conferences throughout the 1990s compared to where we stand now, SSA seems to have performed worst of all regions with a long way yet to go. However, if we undertake a more historical analysis it is noted that SSA was much worse off to begin with compared to other regions, making the target of universal primary education relatively much higher for SSA.

    • Word count: 4278
  18. The image of gun as a cultural image

    In traditional cultures, the image of gun symbolizes such power, manhood and masculinity. This type of culture still prevails and can resist to or isolate itself from popular culture. People have gun to feel secure or show themselves more powerful than they seem. Having a gun is a product of traditional culture. It can also be observed in Turkish culture. In many houses in which traditional culture reigns, some kinds of gun are perceived as a crucial part. When a child is born, a kind of gun or weapon is given to him or her. These societies are mainly patriarchal.

    • Word count: 1875
  19. Proposal of Development of Environmental Education in Hong Kong. Aim - develop a mechanism for enhancing Hong Kong government and NGOs cooperation in implementing Environmental education and public awareness activities.

    Although some projects initiated innovative educational programmes, they are usually mediocre and not making any significant impact on the society because they are small in scale, scattered and occurring in isolation. These efforts alone are not enough to foster the cause of environmental education in the region. It is, therefore, necessary to develop the mechanism of internal cooperation that promotes and fosters the forces, expeditious in the implementation of environmental education at the grassroots. 3. Objectives and Target Groups The Environmental Education Project would not only undertake a "study," but also "put its findings into practice."

    • Word count: 2877
  20. This paper attempts to analyse how and in what ways the Chinese diaspora interacts with Indonesian ethnic policies towards Chinese. It focuses on the commoditisation of Chineseness and explores the social networking of Chinese diaspora in order to underst

    There are many extensive migrations throughout history, in both occasional or permanent manner, depending on historical setting, circumstance and perspective. Migration is an aggregation of individual behaviours into the social forms, usually not being explained by a single or constant theory as it is a combinated competing paradigm with trade-offs between differentiated pull and push factors in distinct circumstances involving some sort of empirical orientation. Ravenstein's 'Law of migration', noticed some similarities of migration caused by economic development in the nintith centries, for examples, it stated that large towns were grow by migrantion more than natural increases, and the theory concluded that migration is always related to economic income maximization.

    • Word count: 4444
  21. Criticism of sustainable development and Sustainable development in the Southeast Asian context

    These questions would be considered in this essay. 2. Literature review 2.1 The origins of sustainable development Environmental degradation is now apparent a global problem. In addition to the over consumption and deterioration of what were once considered free goods such as air and water, escalating scarcity of natural resources, deforestation, desertification and threatened bio-diversity are now commonplace across the spectrum. One of the positions put forward is that environmental degradation is the result and inevitable price of economic development.

    • Word count: 4099
  22. Free essay

    America Needs Socialized Medicine

    There are many people in America who do not have health care because they cannot afford it and a lot of times these are the people who need it the most. Are not the lives of children, older folks, and those with low income just as valuable as the middle to upper class? It is true that there is Medicare or Medicaid provided for some, but not everything under that system is covered. Sered and Fernandopulle point out that "in 2003, Medicaid covered only slightly more than half of the Americans whose family income was below 200 percent of the poverty line" (1).

    • Word count: 1102
  23. The discourse of the rural idyll masks poverty and social exclusion

    State of the Countryside report. Commission for Rural Communities, London, CRC 22.Commission for Rural Communities, 2006). Research has ended its previous obsessions with "Gemeinschaft social relations" in rural life by offering a more critical analysis of 'the rural idyll'. It now attempts to recognise the different experiences and varying implications for different social groups to be found (Parr et al., 2003). These critical investigations have helped highlight previously unreported marginalities, power relations, poverty and exclusions that fragment allegedly harmonious Gemeinschaft communities' (Parr et al., 2004).

    • Word count: 3303
  24. Happy moment in my life

    There have been too many obstacles that I have struggled with during the training, so many that it becomes almost humorous to start counting. Many injuries have slowed me down and made me question whether I have wanted to continue. But I believed in myself. I never stopped training, even though it was very difficult to manage both studying and training. For instance there was a period during the training that I was not doing well with my lessons but with the help of my teachers and my coach I faced and threw away these difficulties.

    • Word count: 522
  25. Contaminacin del aire

    llama a m�s l�deres a sumarse a una estrategia global de prevenci�n, as� como Fidel Castro que acaba de anunciar el cambio de su hist�rica frase "Patria o Muerte" hacia "Vida o Muerte" en virtud de comunicar su preocupaci�n por el tema. Cuando las personas son entrevistadas en las zonas urbanas identifican la contaminaci�n del aire con cosas como: el humo gris que emanan los medios de transporte motorizados (motos, veh�culos, buses, etc.), afecciones en los ojos, malestar en la garganta, expulsiones de gases de las industrias, entre otros.

    • Word count: 1235

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