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Human Development. There are many aspects to take into consideration when discussing countries that has a high level of human development from others that do not. Some countries have maintained a steady growing development rate while others can`t seem to

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Abstract1 There are many aspects to take into consideration when discussing countries that has a high level of human development from others that do not. Some countries have maintained a steady growing development rate while others can`t seem to get a hold of it or simply missed their opportunity to succeed. In any case there are factors to be taken into consideration such as current economic state, resources and things like healthcare, education and clean water system for example all have an effect on the rate of human growth. People today don't realize how lucky they really are to have all these inventions and nice stuff that help us make our lives a lot easier. One could argue that we all take everything we have for granted and do not appreciate just how fortunate we are. At any rate it is important for us to understand and be raised in a strong healthy environment which is a key recipe for success. Whether we choose to utilize all of our resources, technology, education and other accessible luxuries is a choice that we can make but there are other people in today's age that are less fortunate and miss out on parts of life. Economy We take a look at the link between countries with a great economy and countries that do not with the rate of human growth occurring in the specific place. While economic growth isn't directly linked to human growth or progress. The economy does however, translates to human growth in which a country has certain conditions on which it nurtures human development a lot easier. ...read more.


First of all there are workers required to claim the resources (cut tree's, fish, grow farms etc) then they need people to extract the materials and make something out of it in a factory or plant and lastly they need a distributor to sell the goods. With multiple chains such as this, a country will be able to support themselves which will allow for themselves to prosper and grow together at a large. In many places around the world the means to access these economical resources cannot be conducted because the amounts are exhausted or there simply isn't anything to be harvested such as countries located near deserts. When it comes to resources it boils down to the luck of the draw but in terms of technology, that's a tool we use which for the most part does not require land resources. Technology could be used as a symbol to demonstrate how well a populated area has developed. The greater the technology, is an indicator that growth is occurring and with the new inventions and things we can do with this new technology only makes life easier for us which only allows us the insight, imagination and drive to further pursue and find greater things that allow life to flow more smoothly. The HDI or Human Development index is a report that is published every year after investigations into a country to demonstrate the rate of growth. It measures three major categories life expectancy (shows how long a healthy life you potentially could live) literacy (education) and purchasing power which is measured by income. ...read more.


Its imperative that we set ourselves up for success rather then failure and continue the trend throughout the planet as one large community. Currently, we have the power and technology to implement healthy, clean environments along with a solid school curriculum and educational institutes for everyone to take advantage of. We need to get our minds set on improving our world right now and in the future for the generations of our children to come. Reference Page Dictionary.com | Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary.com. (n.d.). Dictionary.com | Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary.com. Retrieved March 24, 2010, from http://www.dictionary.com Kirkcaldy, B., Furnham, A., & Siefen, G. (2004). The Relationship Between Health Efficacy, Educational Attainment, and Well-Being Among 30 Nations. European Psychologist, 9(2), 13. Grantham-McGregor, S. (n.d.). Child and adolescent health and development. child development in developing countries series. Retrieved March 15, 2010, from www.who.int/ Hamma, R. M. (2008, October 8). Growth amoung nations. Human Development, 14. Retrieved March 21, 2010, from https://www.ezsubscription.com/store/hd/Default.aspx Statistics | Human Development Reports (HDR) | United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (n.d.). Human Development Reports (HDR) - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Retrieved March 24, 2010, from http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/ Lerner, R. M. (1997). Concepts and Theories of Human Development (2 ed.). New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Daniel Fantin PSYC1107B Phyllis Robertson Human Development Comparing High Level Countries and Low Level Countries Wednesday March 25, 2010. 1 Key Concepts: Human Development, Economy, HDI, Growth 2 Key Concepts: Government, Healthcare, systems, economic level 3 Key Concepts: Poverty, education, Resources, Technology, HDI 4 Key Concepts: PISA, Education, curriculem 5 Key Concepts: emotions: developing countries, skills, absolute poverty ?? ?? ?? ?? Fantin 1 ...read more.

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