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Is globalization new and inevitable? Discuss with reference to EITHER culture, economics OR politics.

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Is globalization 'new and inevitable'? Discuss with reference to EITHER culture, economics OR politics. Globalization is a phenomenon including changes in culture, politics and economics globally, where some parts of the world are getting closer and others a drifting further apart with no reference to geographical distance. It is a process of transformation of local to regional trends into global trends. Globalization describes global interconnectedness. Some people might benefit from globalization (winners) and some might not (losers). This essay is going to discuss whether globalization is new and if it is inevitable, with reference to culture. First it will outline four concepts "stretching", "intensification", "interpenetration" and "infrastructure" which are helpful in exploring the impact of globalization. Secondly it will introduce three theories by Globalists, Inter-nationalists and Transformationalists, and how they see globalization. Then it will compare the four main theories with reference to culture and decided if globalization is new and inevitable or not. The twenty-first century brings many changes to all societies. For example people in the UK can eat sushi, read Cosmopolitan or buy tropical food without any hassle. Individuals all around the world can communicate within the internet or by phone any time they want. ...read more.


(Bob Kelly,2005,p.31) The last transformationalists argue that contemporary globalization is happening and that it is significant but difficult to quantify. They question the inevitability of its impacts. Some individuals might benefit from a more democratic system of governance, but the unpredictable processes might bring a complex pattern of winners and losers. (Bob Kelly,2005,p.31) Is globalization new and inevitable? Globalists argue that globalization it is new and that is inevitable. Transformationalists also argue that globalization is new but they think it is inevitable. Nationalists do not think it is new and neither it is inevitable. This essay is going to compare these theories with reference to culture. Culture is close to everyone and all individuals see the changes which occur. Cultural goods flow from the US or Western countries to the rest of the world and bringing their values in recipient nations, this is called cultural imperialism. Optimistic globalists argue that cultural globalization is highly significant. People can benefit from free exchange of goods, ideas or information. Twenty years ago, people did not have the opportunity to switch on a personal computer and have all the information which they needed on the internet, so the internet brings benefits and has a large spectrum of use. ...read more.


The history shows many dramatic transformation of the world hundreds years ago. "Especially between 1850 and 1860 was a dramatic change, when Samuel Morse introduced telegraph; device that changed the world. It was the first device which allowed people to communicate faster than the speed of person on a horse. In 1858 it was successful in connecting two continents by cable, which enables people to communicate from one continent to another within a few hours, before that it took even few years." (David Held,2004,p.70) The history of telegraph suggests that there is nothing new about recent communication technologies and global communication. The Internet might be new, but globalization had already begun. Examples can be seen in the Victorian times when two continents were connected by telegraph. Before this globalization existed when people from different continents transferred goods such as food or inventions. However globalization may be seen to provide more benefits now in the form of the internet as it is more efficient. Globalization may be inevitable in the way transformationalists suggest but it is very unlikely that globalization will not continue to connect and unite all societies within the world. Globalization is dependent upon the people within each separate society and their willingness to cooperate. ...read more.

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