My Newfoundland Culture

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                                My Newfoundland Culture


                   Our culture is a very valuable and important part of our lives, it makes us who we are, and we should all take great pride in our cultural identity. I am a Newfoundlander and I love everything about my culture.

My family came from a mixture of vast backgrounds all of which have contributed to my culture. My father was a descendant of Scottish and Irish settlers that came to Newfoundland after the First World War. My mother on the other hand came from the Inuit (previously called Eskimos); her family moved from Labrador during the early 1930’s. When my mother was born she was given up for adoption and raised by her distant relatives, who had lived the city of St. John’s. When her family originally moved to Newfoundland and if they brought any of their old cultures with them, I cannot say. My father on the other hand grew up on the Burin Peninsula in a small fishing village called Lawn. His mother tongue was English, his religion was Roman Catholic. All of the dominant culture that I grew up with I can accredit to my father, for when he finished high school he did as many of the young men did back then. He married my mother who he met while attending University and moved back to Lawn and built a new home for himself, his wife and his future family.

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The cultural landscape has undergone many changes over the past few decades in Newfoundland; however the smaller out ports have stood the test of time and stand unseemly untouched. The majority of the houses in the harbor (Lawn) were built along the hillsides, or close to the water. They were mainly single or two storey homes with gable roofs. These locations and types were chosen and used quite often to protect them from Newfoundland’s harsh weather conditions. All along the water’s edge there were numerous wharves that extended into the sea. At the head of each wharf stood a stage, ...

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