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Reflective Essay on working with a Team

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REFLECTIVE REPORT Introduction Whilst I imagine some of my fellow students were more than a little apprehensive at the prospect of doing a presentation, I was very positive about it. This is because, whilst I feel I am strong in writing essays and reports, I much prefer talking about something I have researched. This is because it allows me to better express myself and my ideas, and allows me to develop skills which will be vital in any future career: the ability to talk to people, obtain their attention, and establish a rapport. As such, I resolved to make sure that I put all my effort into researching, planning and delivering a first class presentation. However, my one major concern was that it was a group presentation. Whilst organisational behaviour theory tells us that groups working together can achieve more than individuals working separately1; this depends on the compatibility of the team. As such, my biggest concern was that our team would not work well together, and our work may suffer as a result. This is Timothy Ijoyemi work. The question and my contribution Our main question was "What is ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) ...read more.


The lack of consolidation, and perhaps some issues around communication and understanding, led Matt and Jemima to miss a few rehearsals. As a result, I frequently found myself calling Matt and Jemima in the start of our first few meetings in order to find out where they were. They both missed a third of the meetings we had, which undoubtedly caused issues around morale and the quality of our work. In addition to this, closer to the time when we had rehearsal I found that both two did not learn their scripts. This created a bit of difficulty for both myself and Toyo as we had put much more effort into rehearsing, and hence it was difficult to keep the team together. Finally, as I effectively did all the research and created the presentation, I ended up doing all the work. This meant that there wasn't much of a team contribution, which may have reduced the quality of the work and the coherence of the team. The strength and weakness of our presentation STRENGTH I felt the pace of our slideshow was good, and the presentation itself was excellent, with the audience giving us their full attention and appearing to follow and understand us well. ...read more.


I also learnt that I can deliver a presentation in this manner and engage people, and thus I will be more confident when approaching such tasks in future. Regarding teamwork, I believe that my learning was somewhat limited by the fact that our group functioned more as a family or group of friends than as a work team. However, I learnt that the initial stages of team working are vital for building future success, as our team suffered greatly from a lack of initial cohesion and from some missed meetings. Finally, I learnt that, although I can produce great work by myself, this does not always equate to team success. Indeed, whilst I believe I have performed extremely well on this module, a fact which is borne out by my final mark, I feel I have not served my team as well as a I could. By completing so much research at the start, I may have inadvertently demoralised my team mates, and made them feel like they could not make a worthwhile contribution. As such, in future, I may need to give greater consideration to how my actions may affect the others in the team, even when I am doing something which is likely to help produce a high quality piece of work. ...read more.

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