Should a country allow all of its citizens to possess guns?

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Should a country allow all its citizens to possess guns?


Recently a Korean student Cho Seung-Hui fired indiscriminately inside Virginia Tech University, USA that slaughtered 33 students, leaving 29 critically injured. Similarly, in 2005 a callous Royal Nepalese Army opened random bullets at a shrine in Nagarkot, Nepal that abrogated the lives of 13 villagers, injuring many others. To the similar contrary, Mr. Mick residing at the frontier region in the US uses his guns for hunting that is the basis of his survival. These three examples strike my mind as I think about the contemporary situation of the world under duress to provide the right to every citizen to possess guns, however limiting certain aspects.-105

When much lonely and obnoxious Cho reached college level, he wrote poems and plays-totally subjected with death and molestation- which made many students to abandon classes and even frightened English teacher. At a time when he told his roommate about suicidal feelings, he was taken to a mental health system and the judge had ordered him as “an imminent danger to self or others as a result of mental illness”. Consequently, on April16, 2007 he resulted college genocide terming it as an act of an avenging angel against ‘Christian Criminals’.-85

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Example of Cho indicates ultimate truism that guns do not kill mass of people; it is people’s cynical attitude that kills them. People planted in with evil seeds continue the similar acts until they get rid of such thinking. Also it is likely that the zealot criminals and murderers can easily manage guns through illegal sources since absolute control of guns is impossible. Again, it is not obligatory that they need guns if they are entitled to kill people. They can do it through sickles, bricks, stones, rods and almost everything as murder is easy for the committed murderers. ...

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