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Social Issues in Sport

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Social issues in sport Sport is a multi billion pound industry with a massive television viewing audience and millions of participants worldwide. Sport has been known to be a vital part of every civilization dating back to the ancient Greeks and since then I believe there has always been a form of 'social issue' connected in the world of sport. Below are listed some of the recurring issues in sport:- * Women in sport * Drug abuse * Racial issues * Hooliganism * Social Class Today there is a lack of equity in respect of male and female involvement in sport. ...read more.


It is a very competitive world out there and some athletes will do anything to achieve their goals. Racial abuse amongst sport is something that disgusts me and I will always frown upon. I was brought up in Trinidad in a black culture and feel I can maybe put myself in their shoes when confronting racial abuse. We are all human beings, regardless of colour, gender and race and should be treated fairly and equal as the next human being. Hooliganism and violence has no place in sport. I think sport should be played with passion, gamesmanship and ethics in a safe environment for families to enjoy and watch. ...read more.


If you are not so privileged to be a lower working class, it would may be difficult to find the time or money to train or pay for necessary costs. I think more facilities and better transport may help in creating a better equality of opportunities for the public and the lower social classes. My conclusion is that there have always been social issues, there are numerous other social issues I haven't mentioned and there will always be social issues in sport in all corners of the world. My main concern is to crack down on r****m, discrimination, also women given equal opportunites in wages and career opportunities as men. I know this would be a hard task to tackle but nothing is impossible. ...read more.

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