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University Degree: Social Theory

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  1. Gay Marriage as a Social Issue in Australia.

    The arguments against gay marriage have started to be framed much more by sociology. A main point in the debate against same sex marriage is the upbringing of children. Even though having children is no longer exclusively confined to marriage, with one in three children being born out of wedlock, the argument that all children deserve both a mother and a father, is still highly prominent. Many sociological studies in the last decade have found that children raised by same-sex couples do not have any social disadvantages except the problems society makes for them by discrimination and lack of acceptance.

    • Word count: 692
  2. Discuss the extent of which citizenship continues to be a gendered concept and consider what impact, if any, that this may have on women's welfare rights and responsibilities.

    This recognises women?s as mothers/carers and more suitable to uptake a private domestic sphere, whilst men dominate the public world. With the argument of citizenship being a gendered concept, citizenship has been seen as a male orientated concept continuously based upon past gender notions in relation to women. Based around what men and women and what they are perceived to be. This has pushed women out of public citizenship into secondary citizenship. The look of men as public citizens and women as private citizens creates a barrier towards women?s full citizenship.

    • Word count: 2765
  3. Compare and contrast Goffmans and Foucaults explanations of how social order is made and remade

    (Cited in Silva 2009, pg. 309) Both Goffman and Foucault?s draw upon the question of how social order is made and remade by gathering different evidence in which are completely different, however they both explain the connections between society and how individuals make and remake social order. One contrast between the two is that Goffman?s approach is focused on micro ? social phenomena which is at the smaller scale, meaning particular interactions between people, whereas Foucault?s uses macro, which explores a larger scale of patterns, systems or structures of social life.

    • Word count: 1516
  4. Compare and contrast Goffmans and Foucaults explanations of how social order is made and remade.

    He argues that interactions are used by individuals to act out a role to what is expected of them in each given situation, individuals would use those roles to give an impression to another individual or group know who they are, what they are doing, to what they expect and what they want to happen. But these can become unnoticed until there is a breach or conflict, Goffman suggested, patterns of interaction created social order , in order to his work, Goffman took observations of individuals by working in different establishments such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

    • Word count: 1652
  5. What is a family?

    Conversely, when questioning a young child about their family they are likely to give a response detailing their parents and siblings (Baker 2001, 4-5). To allow for a deeper introspect this essay will focus on the immediate family, specifically romantic partnerships with or without biological and non-biological children, living together or apart in modern Australian society. Specifically it will investigate the demographic changes that have contributed to the diverse family compositions, the evolving roles and responsibilities of individual family members as a result of shifting society existences and will explore the diverse intimate relationships that exist between varying families Diverse

    • Word count: 1987
  6. In this essay the author will discuss the relationship between the division of labour and social solidarity in the work of Durkheim and illustrating it with the references to social change today.

    This does not mean that this type of solidarity is being produced artificially or mechanically. This term is only used by analogy with the cohesion that links together the elements of raw materials in contrast to that which encompasses the unity of living organisms. Furthermore, this situation is a different case of solidarity that brings about the Division of Labour. Hence, the other solidarity implies that individuals look like one another, this means they are different form one another. Finally, the collective consciousness leaves uncovered a part of the individual?s consciousness so they could be recognized in it those special functions that it can?t regulate.

    • Word count: 1405
  7. Discuss to what extent do the news media fulfil Habermas' definition of the public sphere? The author will talk about the internet and the public sphere.

    Even though, Habermas rejects Kantian’s theories, and its collary historical exaltation of philosophy as arbiter and foundation of all science and culture. In his current work he argues that something remains crucial from the Kantian view of modernity.  The notion of the public sphere is at the centre of participatory approaches to democracy. The public sphere is the arena where citizens come together and exchange opinions regarding public affairs, discuss and therefore form a public opinion. This arena can be a specified place where citizens gather for instance, town halls where they meet and deliberate these issues they feel needs looking into.

    • Word count: 1442

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