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University Degree: Social Work

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  1. Compare and Contrast Two Approaches to Counselling

    Freud came to believe that childhood experiences and unconscious desires influenced behaviour. Based on his observations, he developed a theory that described development in terms of a series of psychosexual stages. According to Freud, conflicts that occur during each of these stages can have a lifelong influence on personality and behaviour and through free associations, dreams or fantasies; clients can learn how to interpret deeply buried unconscious memories or experiences that may be causing them distress. (Freud, 1924d) He believed that neurosis stemmed from early s****l traumas and therefore his ?hysterical? female patients had been subjected to pre-pubescent ?seduction?- that is, in most cases, s****l abuse by the father, reprocessed memories of such assaults later surfaced, he concluded, in otherwise baffling hysterical symptoms.

    • Word count: 3662
  2. Teen Pregnancy

    This is one of the main causes of an increase in teen pregnancies. Following the decrease from the past fifteen years, teen birthrates had been increasing since 1991. Data shows that between 2005 and 2006 teen birthrates (ages 15-19) have increased by three percent (Ventura, ?Teen Birth Rate Rises for First Time in 15 Years."). The largest increase was reported within African-American tens, which increased five percent, while the rate rose two percent for Hispanic teens, and three percent for Caucasian teens and four percent for African Indian teens (Ventura, ?Teen Birth Rate Rises for First Time in 15 Years.").

    • Word count: 1374

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