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University Degree: Social Work

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  1. "Learning to understand what people are communicating......is a crucial skill within social work" (Trevithick 2000:53) Discuss the importance of effective listening for social work practice.

    Listening is more complex and requires cognitive involvement. "In listening, you receive both the verbal and non verbal messages - not only the words, but also the gestures, facial expressions, variations in volume and rate and more" DeVito (2003:79) Hargie, Saunders and Dickson (1996) believe that the main difference between listening and hearing is similar to the differences between seeing and reading. We do not have to be taught how to see with our eyes, but we do however, need to be taught how to read with our brains.

    • Word count: 1432
  2. The Call of Service

    Coles is a gifted story teller and these stories are designed to make us feel good. He offers vignettes from his own life and experience, sharing personal reflections and insights. He has an impressive respect for the people he meets and openness for learning and reassessing his own value system that we as public managers, built to come in and fix the broken, can certainly learn from. The last 1/4 of the book tries to draw moral conclusions from the Coles' life stories.

    • Word count: 1670
  3. Social Exclusion / Social Inclusion

    NDTC works very closely with a range of socially excluded people to address skills shortages. David Istance in an article on Education and Social Exclusion makes the following point. 1'Education, training and learning do not themselves guarantee success, but they are more and more a necessary ingredient of it'. The OCED Observer In areas where there is high unemployment, instead of focusing just on 'upskilling' the people there needs to be a holistic approach to deal with the problem. The Government must recognise that this is a complex problem involving a huge number of stakeholders.

    • Word count: 2114
  4. The Social Psychological Development of Antwone Fisher.

    Social Concept of the Character Adapted by the real Antwone Fisher from his autobiography, Killing Fish, the story focuses on the relationship that develops between Antwone and the shrink, who patiently finds a way into the source of the seaman's pain and rage and gives him a prescription for happiness. Antwone's anger and inability to have a natural relationship with a post-exchange worker are tied to his fears of rejection. He was rejected by his mother and others, and now, with the clock on the psychiatrist's, Dr.

    • Word count: 1105
  5. Module ~ Law for social workers

    Sophie has cerebral palsy and difficulty with walking, feeding herself and the distressed of double incontinence during the day and night. Sophie attends a special needs day school and has recently been offered a residential place. Emma and her two children currently reside with Emma's boyfriend john after being evict from her privately rent accommodation one year ago. However the relationship has recently deteriorated, john has used threatening behavior and lost his temper on many occasions with Emma's daughter Sophie.

    • Word count: 2929
  6. 2062amc Assesment Item 2.

    This may be an outcome of a husband suffering from mental illness for various possible reasons like a deprived childhood and a women's poverty through lack of financial and family support. Therefore, "more commonly, negotiation and decision-making are point weighted by unequal economic relations." "This is highlighted in post-divorce economies; more specifically, the concentration of poverty among single mothers, and the brutal fact that re-partnering is almost their only effective economic adjustment" (Gilding, 1997, p.254). So women who are not economically self-sufficient and don't have much support from friends and family often end up in relations that are economically beneficial,

    • Word count: 3560
  7. You would assume that listening is probably the most important skill in counselling I have noticed that affective listening is

    the counsellor thought I was wasting their time and mine and found it very difficult to concentrate on what I was about to say next. I also experienced the opposite where the counsellor seemed very interested in what I had to say and prompted me to say more with facial expression minimal prompts and questions One of the ways to show that you are listening is to reflect back to the client in the patients own words. . In my opinion listening can be more than what we hear, when you are fully engaged in what the client is saying

    • Word count: 2120
  8. Issues regarding Jewish Identity in Post-Socialist Budapest

    the entire corpus of Jewish Law), "Neologue" (introducing modern elements and distancing themselves from the tradition) and "Status-Quo" (not accepting the separation). Now a 4th group has emerged, taking its organisation and principles from US examples, called Reformed Jews, but not recognised as a Jewish community in Hungary and merely functioning as an association. However, in the post-socialism, the 4 categories can only be used as a basic background to analyse the new conglomerates that surfaced in the last years in the Jewish society, because the new self-claimed identities I am confronted with, such as "I am an orthodox-non religious-believer" or "I am a Neologue-religious-atheist", need new approaches to interpretation.

    • Word count: 696
  9. How do communities seek to exclude those who are different?

    People believe these groups will make the area they live in less attractive to others, and devalue their houses which may have a knock on effect on businesses and services in the area. Social Exclusion is a major problem in the UK. One, which is being addressed by Tony Blair and the Labour Government. Tony Blair has said "The last government let poverty re-gain its hold in Britain, to an extent unseen since before the last War. ... The Prime minister set up the Social Exclusion Unit or SEU in 1997 to help improve Government action to reduce social exclusion by producing - 'joined-up solutions to joined-up problems'.

    • Word count: 1529
  10. This essay will discuss what part of the division of labour that Durkheim believe performs in the transition from mechanica to organic solidarity. Firstly, I will be outlining Durkheims view on social facts.

    In their absence there would be no fundamental moral issues, social order or social solidarity. In other words, there would be no society, since it is the collective conscience that forms social solidarity, which is the very existence of society. Durkheim describes two types of solidarity - mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Within each type of society the collective conscience operates in a different fashion. The distinction between mechanical and organic solidarity reveals how Durkheim saw the collective conscience as a social fact (Holborn et al: 2004). Durkheim defined social facts as things external to, and coercive of the actor.

    • Word count: 2217
  11. Application of Research in Social Services

    For the purpose of this authors reflection on the application of research on the Social Sciences the most relevant agency to study is the leading Social Service provider in the state of Washington. This agency is the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and like any large corporation, they need to be able to convert social and economic data into workable and manageable social programs. Research and Development and Department of Social and Health Services With an annual budget of over eight billion dollars the Department of Social and Health Services represents about one third of the states budget.

    • Word count: 1389
  12. Discuss the current issues and relationships concerning older people and their means to gain a form of income after leaving the labour market. There will be reference to both the state and private pensions

    The term pension will be referring to the fixed sum paid regularly to a person following retirement. The introduction of the Beveridge report in 1942 pushed the adoption of a contributory social security system which set up a basic structure of minimum protection for all citizens. However, this meant there would result in voluntary additional contributions such as private pension schemes. Other European countries at this time had rather different comprehensive schemes which made private additions largely unnecessary. (Hill, 2003:25).

    • Word count: 1233
  13. Reflective practice as a Social Worker

    Methods used to collect my data were: - ? Supervision records ? Direct observations of practice ? Case study ? Assessment ? Summary of placement setting Upon embarking my placement at Nacro Services I had no real prior practical experience of working with young people of this age who were disaffected. During the course of my placement I have been able to observe other staff and model practical ways in which to communicate, approach, empower and engage young people. The sessions on the programme enabled me to engage the young people, find out their needs and discuss in collaboration with them practical ways to deal with their difficulties.

    • Word count: 2807
  14. The concept of a continuum for drug dependence implies that there is also a continuum of intervention strategies and treatment

    (McCullough, 1995) and social (fellowship) (Miller & Kurtz, 1994) components founded on reinforcement, social learning, and reference group theory (Wallace, 1993). Individual character defects are viewed as the primary cause of using drugs and failure in life (Gaudry, 1994), and a fundamental premise of this approach is that the disease is progressive and controlled use of alcohol (or other drugs) is not possible (Watson, 1991). Twelve step programs are free, usually voluntary (Rivers, 1994), peer based, and employ confrontational approaches (Yalisove, 1998)

    • Word count: 3059
  15. Social policy is about trying to find ways of understanding and improving society. It is also about trying to improve the welfare of all citizens

    How can the effectiveness of government policies or the workings of national institutions such as the criminal justice system or schools be properly assessed? An important part of the work of social policy is to explore the causes, scope and extent of social problems, both nationally and internationally. Having identified the problems, social policy then aims to go forward to consider the ways in which society, as a whole, attempts, or should attempt, to resolve or deal with these problems.

    • Word count: 1646
  16. Race, r****m and Ethnicity

    An ethnic group is defined as a social group whose members have the following four characteristics: share a sense of common origins claim a common and distinctive history and destiny possess one or more dimensions of collective cultural individuality feel a sense of unique collective solidarity. Race The topic I was chosen to evaluate and analyse for this presentation was 'Race'. I found this to be a very interesting topic as 'Race' is, in a way, an indefinable term. In my opinion, the definition of race is an opinion.

    • Word count: 1591
  17. Family and Kinship in East London

    or religion (8% Jewish), in fact to embody the view of the social reality of the location without to have any explicit influence on the research aims. On the other hand, the study is extensively a Qualitative primary research approach, a sample of 1,000 people from the Electoral Register (quantitative secondary research) in order to set samples of people for interviews, but it is not possible to know what type of probability sample Young and Willmott used. Young and Willmott selected a sample of 45 married couple who lived in Bethnal Green and 47 married couple in new suburban housing

    • Word count: 805
  18. The care worker needs to recognize that many of the problems that may arise are due to discrimination. Discrimination is the unequal treatment of an individual or group. It is based on prejudice towards people

    Sometimes the media plays an important part on our way of viewing things. Prejudice occurs when people has a preconceived opinion towards individuals or group of people for whatever the reason. Prejudices are often irrational and negative attitudes based on fear or lack of knowledge. As part of a society we internalize the group values and norms so, in a way, most of our prejudices are "inherited". Equal Opportunities There are three forms of equality: formal equality, equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes. Their definition is as follows: Formal Equality is a principle that views everyone in society as equal.

    • Word count: 957
  19. Identify an individual/group of adults with a learning difficulties and critically analyse the issues and strategies raised in the promotion of their increased inclusion into soceity.

    Meena's family are anxious that she will not be able to cope living independently and tension is high at home compounding on Meena's challenging behaviour. Punjabi is the first language of Meena's family and her parents sometimes find it hard to communicate with staff that works with Meena. The majority of communication happens via Meena's sister but Meena's parents have the final say on any decisions made. Programme Meena wants the following * Having someone who will listen and understand her and her family. * Attending a college course for catering that may lead to a job in that field.

    • Word count: 2478
  20. Discuss the Differences between Skill, Ability and Technique and explain how you would structure Practices to Enhance these Components of Fitness.

    The swimmer we talked about earlier is either able to swim fast or not. Technique is a word commonly confused with skill; in order to perform a particular skill in sport, we must learn the required technique. The swimmer may have the ability to swim fast, but they may not be using the correct technique to enhance their performance to the maximum Skill is acquired through practice. There are four different types of skill. There are cognitive skills, motor skills, perceptual skills and perceptual motor skills. Cognitive skills are skills that involve thought and process, like adding up the points in a game of darts.

    • Word count: 707
  21. The primary goal of this paper is to reveal the influences of technology and social environments experienced during early to middle adolescence that contribute to shaping adult personality.

    It is widely accepted that a complex and subtle interplay between the growing adolescent's family, community, and social environments and the dispositional characteristics an adolescent brings to these environments, can be consequential to the emerging adult personality (Doherty, 1997). However, it should be noted that developing technologies, such as the Internet and video games are growing in their influence on emerging adult personalities too. " Over a very short period of time, there has been a dramatic truncation of childhood," says Mary Pipher, "Throughout history, this was always a time when children were free of the burdens and responsibilities of sexuality.

    • Word count: 1913

    It has been suggested that pets can fulfil the role of a child or grandchild, by needing to be nurtured and cared for. It has also been shown that in a group of elderly people who have lost a spouse, those with pets were less likely to suffer from depression (Hart, 1995). The presence of the animal provides them with unconditional support and also allows them to feel needed and loved. This effect is not limited to the elderly: a study by Zasloff and Kidd (1994)

    • Word count: 1561
  23. Reflection on placement practice

    Therefore the care that the young people received was continued whilst they were at the unit, a large part of this carry over included the administering of medication. Section one of the Children Act 1989 focuses upon the welfare of the child and states that in any dealings the welfare of the child is to be considered the most important factor when dealing with children. This section of the act also refers to the possible harm that the child would be at risk of suffering.

    • Word count: 2345
  24. What are the main aims of the article?

    In Mayo's explanation for the quota restriction from his research in a bank-wiring group at Western Electric Ltd. He inferred output limitation due to lack of understanding of the economic logics of the management by worker, also he considered the economic man a fallacious conception. (p430) In 'gravy' job, Roy found the workers only earn certain quota wages, then slow down or stop their work. Normally they don't make full effort on that. Because they knew, if they make maximum output, next the price of productions will go down, meanwhile they will get wages less than before they made numbers of productions less than that.

    • Word count: 842
  25. Parental attitudes toward inclusive recreation and leisure: a qualitative analysis.

    Furthermore, many individuals with disabilities have been prohibited from participating in inclusive recreation and leisure activities because of various architectural, attitudinal, and programmatic barriers (Schleien, 1993). Current trends in special and physical education advocate inclusive leisure programs (Heyne, 1995; Modell & c*x, 1997; Rider & Modell, 1996; Sparrow, Shinkfield & Karnilowicz, 1993). The trend toward inclusive leisure services focuses attention on the participants' strengths versus weaknesses to empower individuals with disabilities to function within community leisure activities and to provide choices to participate in age-appropriate activities (Dattilo & Jekubovich Fenton, 1995).

    • Word count: 2312

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