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The focus of this discussion will be rooted in the relevance of the Functionalism and Weber social action perspective in understanding the contemporary Caribbean society.

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Graded Discussion 1 Topic: Functionalism and Weber social action perspectives are sociological theories that were developed to explain some of the social problems of an emerging European society. Compare and contrast their relevance and application to understanding the contemporary Caribbean?s social structure. The focus of this discussion will be rooted in the relevance of the Functionalism and Weber social action perspective in understanding the contemporary Caribbean society. In order to perform such task, the above mentioned perspectives will be compared and contrast as well as their relevance to the region will be outlined in key examples. The Functionalism and Weber social action theory are theories developed to explain the problems emerging from the industrial European society. It is of critical importance that each perspective is defined. Functionalism is the oldest perspective developed by renounced French Sociologist, Emile Durkheim (1858-1971). Durkheim attempted to show how structures and institutions that made up the social system affected the pattern of social behavior in society. Weber?s social action theory on the other hand seeks to understand how individuals determine and negotiate between their personal desires and the social pressures that largely determine and orient their action. ...read more.


And although institutions are created by people, these institutions in turn influence people. According to Functionalist considers that society ?operates? in a way comparable to the functioning of the biological organism. That being said it is critical to note that social institutions function in combination with one another and for the benefit of society as a whole just as the various parts of the human body functions in relation to one another. In the Caribbean society, this can be applicable as our society cannot function each institution operates in isolation. For example, the education system works in relation to preparing a workforce which is needed to generate income. In the region there are various institutions that must work instinct to accomplish goals. For example the police and the judicial system must work instinct. Weber in agreement also sees the need for both the individual and the society working instinct. He also stated that the people?s ideas and feeling have inspired and affect history. In the Caribbean this can be noted in the work put in by the well-known Toussaint L? Overture who fought to free his people. The Revolution he led changed the course of slavery in the region. ...read more.


This can be further noted in the existence of a class system in the region. Additionally, various religious institutions instill values and principle it its followers. The various educations situations as well as the family play its fair share in instilling certain values that are important to maintaining its rich tradition throughout generations. There still exist in Caribbean societies those who have various opportunities re education, job opportunities while some may never receive such. Various communities will be noted for be part of the upper class and in may island one may make assumptions based on names. For example someone who lives at a community named ? Gutter or Tarish Pit? may be look down upon as compared to someone who lives in ? Castle Comfort?. Persons with certain well to do surnames may receive better treatment than others. In a not shell one may look at each of the above perspectives and make applications to the Caribbean region. As individual who are part of the Caribbean we have to play our individual roles in ensuring that our society is maintained through the passing on of norm, values and traditions. Our institutions cannot function in isolation and neither can we function effectively without these institutions. Our leaders must ensure that they strive for the betterment of all people and that equal opportunities can be given across the board. ...read more.

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