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The main nature of this assignment is to attempt to demonstrate an understanding of Social Work Ethical Principles, Values and Standards, Discrimination and Disadvantage

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Ethics Values and Standards The main nature of this assignment is to attempt to demonstrate an understanding of Social Work Ethical Principles, Values and Standards, Discrimination and Disadvantage. The assignment will include my personal values including ?Honesty? and ?Respect? the relevant theory, and how this relates to The College of Social Work, Code of Ethics. Within the assignment, reference will be made to Thompsons Personal Cultural Structural (PCS) model and an explanation will be provided on how values can be shaped. There will be focus on ethical dilemmas, discrimination and disadvantage and how they can relate to scenario three, and how The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) would influence my practice. ?Values? can be regarded as particular types of belief that people hold about what is regarded as worthy or valuable?. (Banks, 2012, p.8). Values are apparent in our actions, and have numerous definitions. However; personal values can be very difficult to define as many kinds of beliefs can be seen as a value. We are all shaped by early socialisation (Social Learning Theory) which becomes learned behaviour. ...read more.


In my opinion, this is not always the case. Teenage mothers can endure disadvantages and discrimination. For example. Evidence suggests that Almost 40% of women who become mothers in their teenage years leave school with little or no qualifications. If Anne was to gain employment, she would only be able to earn the minimum living wage which is paid at a much lower hourly rate than that paid to those over the age of 21. The minimum wage would not provide Anne with sufficient money to pay for her rent, feed and clothe herself and her child as well as heat her home adequately in winter months. State benefits would supplement Ann?s income depending on eligibility. However, this entitlement, is less that what would be paid to someone over the age of 21. Thus Ann is disadvantaged and discriminated against by her age and her condition. She will therefore be substantially worse off financially than those in the same position, over 21 years of age. Evidence also suggests Teenage pregnancy is a cause of health inequalities and child poverty. Postnatal depression is a high risk for teenage mothers; they are 30% more likely to experience postnatal depression than women who become mothers at an older age. ...read more.


On reflection, I have learned how ethical principles relate to personal values and where they can come from and how they can be shaped, as well as how values can influence practice. I understand the reasons for The College of Social implementing the code of ethics and how they promote and help to shape professional values. I feel I have clearly stated throughout this assignment that an individual?s value base influences all of their actions and behaviours. Balancing personal and professional values is essential in Social Work to ensure good practice and positive outcomes. It is important to understand that although some of my personal values may conflict with my professional values, my professional values must take precedence in practice at all times. In relation to discrimination and disadvantage and how they relate to power and oppression I believe that working within an anti-oppressive, anti-discriminatory framework, where professionals are trained and equipped with the knowledge and understanding of social inequalities and power struggles, whilst adhering to the Social Work Code of Ethics and having an understanding of personal values, where they came from and how they have been shaped, will increase positive outcomes for service users and in turn will ensure an effective delivery of services to those who need them. ...read more.

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